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October 08, 2015 10:55

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In secret talks, Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistani military ruler General Pervez Musharraf had stroked a draft framework agreement on J&K, reported the The Indian Express saying that it was told by a senior Indian diplomat who is familiar with the negotiations. The diplomat was also quoted as saying that Files recording unsigned documents exchanged by both sides were given over by Singh to Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a meeting on 27 May 2014.

The official spoke even as Khurshid Kasuri, former Pakistan Foreign Minister, is in New Delhi to release the ‘Neither a Hawk Nor a Dove’ Indian edition. His book is the first insider on India-Pakistan secret diplomacy on Kashmir. It quotes General Musharraf as stating that the secret agreement on Kashmir has foreseen its joint management by India and Pak besides demilitarization.

According to the Indian negotiator, “consultative mechanism” was highlighted by the framework agreement’s final draft that includes elected representatives of J&K government, PoK, and officials from both the sides. The consultative mechanism was mandatory to address social and economic issues like religious pilgrimages, tourism, culture and trade. The official said that India had rejected the push from General Musharraf for joint management institutions by both the states. India argued that it would wither the sovereignty of the country.

More than 200 hours of discussions on the agreement were held during 30 meetings in Kathmandu and Dubai by Singh’s hand-picked envoy, Ambassador Satinder Lambah, and General Musharraf’s interlocutors, Riaz Muhammad Khan and Tariq Aziz.

The Indian diplomat said, “In early talks. Pakistan reiterated its public positions, calling for international monitoring of the Line of Control, and so on. However, it became clear that both General Musharraf and Prime Minister Singh were keen on arriving at an agreement that would allow them to focus on their respective agendas, without conflict over Kashmir sapping their energies.”

The diplomat said that he read each paper exchanged between the parties and gave instructions to Lambah then. “There were just two people in the Cabinet, and perhaps three more in the bureaucracy, who were privy to what was going on,” diplomat added.


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