Rayapti in deep controversy - Tara revealed Rayapati sexually abused , used her, compulsed her to defame KannaTop Stories

April 14, 2012 00:31
Rayapti in deep controversy - Tara revealed Rayapati sexually abused , used her, compulsed her to defame Kanna

Guntur MP Rayapati Sambasiva Rao  is under serious controversy of sex scandal combined with using  prostitutes ring  to check mate by  falsely  implicating his political rivals.

Tara Chowdary exploded a bombshell. She told the police that Rayapati Sambasiva Rao, Congress Party MP had forced her several times to drag Minister Kanna Lakshminarayana into network. Rayapti allegedly asked her to file complaint against Kanna that the latter kidnapped her and had relations with her.

Tara Choudary has reportedly admitted being a sex worker and forcing several young girls into the trade. Tara Choudary has said that though she has studied up to graduation level, due to her craze for acting, she came to Hyderabad and finally landed in prostitution and   became “Madam Tara Chowdary”

“MP Rayapati approached me and asked to spread bad propaganda against minister Kanna Lakshminarayana. He pressurized me to call the media and say that 'Kanna has kidnapped me and also visiting my house for sexual favors’. He offered me Rs. 1 crore to accomplish this mission”.

“You belong to our community. You should help me fix Kanna Lakshminarayana,” Rayapati is reported to have asked her. Tara alleged that the MP and his brother threatened her several times to carry out the task”.

But I refused the deal, after that he had sent his gunmen to my house to threaten me. He used caste card to lure me and also harassed me by asking to send girls to his guesthouse," said Tara in the tape.

She alleged that Raypati forced her to send girls to his guest house to provide massage to himself and on similar line Rayapti’s brother’s son too took services of call girls supplied by Tara.

Tara told police that she refused to do so because she never knew Kanna  Lakshminarayana. Police released some tapes containing these and other conversations

The audio tapes, which were collected during the raid in Tara's house, have been sent to the forensic laboratory to check its authenticity. Apart from the audio tapes, Spy (pen) cameras, a laptop, several porn CDs, a box of condoms, a photograph of Tara with YSR, 8 cell phones, 21 sim cards and a diary were recovered from her residence at the Navodaya Colony in Banjara Hills.

Rayapati Sambasiva Rao, however refuted the reports and said he had no connection whatsoever with Tara Chowdary. He demanded a CBI inquiry into the episode.

“She might have to come to me any time in the past, I wouldn’t know. Lot of people meet me everyday. As for my voice, anybody could have imitated it. If the CBI proves it is my voice, I will give a crore of rupees,” he said.

A bitter rivalry between the two political leaders of Guntur District exists since long time and the feud gets bitter day by day. Earlier when Rayapati accused Kanna of corruption,  Kanna Lakshminarayana, had even filed a defamation case against his political rival and Congress MP Rayapati Sambasiva Rao. The defamation was for Rs 1 crore and the court served notices to the MP earlier. 

With Tara Choudary's statements, audio tapes and with fool proof evidence in hand, Kanna may strike back at Rayapati.

Before agreeing to her deeds, Tara said  “It is true some politicians (MPs and MLAs) forced me a couple of years back to have sex with them and threatened to kill me. I recorded these conversations for my own protection. I never blackmailed anybody,”.

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