9 Hours after the Leak, RGV Officially Releases POWER STAR Trailer on YouTubeTollywood News

July 22, 2020 15:54
9 Hours after the Leak, RGV Officially Releases POWER STAR Trailer on YouTube

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Ram Gopal Varma says he wanted to be the first director in the world to release a paid trailer of his movie.

Maverick RGV is known for his own way of film making. His choice of films and his rhetoric talks always makes the lime light fall on him.

In yet another announcement after his series of movies during the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Power Star’ is a film which gets a paid trailer release as well the first Telugu film to be released in RGV World Theatre, RGV’s own franchise.

Ram Gopal Varma became the first director in the Indian Film Industry to launch his own digital platform. He has a series of films of different genres to be released in his platform.

As always, minutes after the announcement of Power Star movie by RGV, negativity engulfed him in the form of threats and mean comments. However, RGV never gets impacted with negativity and follows his guts.

He released the trailer of Power Star in RGV World Theatre yesterday, on June 21 for Rs. 25 per view and notably, many have paid-watched the trailer.

The trailer has been leaked on YouTube on June 21 night after which RGV announced that the leak was the accidental work of his office team and he would refund the money of everyone who has paid for the trailer.

9 hours after the leak, RGV has officially released his trailer on YouTube which received a whopping 3 lakh views in an hour.

Power Star movie is about an actor-turned politician who has seen a disastrous defeat in the elections. The movie’s lead role is played by ‘Prawan Kalyan’(as his twitter name indicates) and some other actors who resemble certain popular personalities.

The movie is all-set to release on RGV World Theatre app and website on July 25, 2020.

Power Star’s story and cast allegedly resembles a renowned real life movie actor and his fans are showering hate messages on RGV on social media platforms for making a film on their favorite actor.

While the trailer depicts that it is a story of a famous film star who is also called ‘Power Star’, RGV has denied it and claimed that it is a fictional story and any resemblance to any known person is coincidental.

Keeping the allegations aside, we suspect the presence of RGV at the end of the trailer who enters the room from dark. Is RGV playing a cameo in the film? What do you think?

By Gayatri Yellayi

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