Dictator Movie Review

Dictator Movie Review

Dictator Movie Review
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    Mar, 21 2023


Dictator -review
  • Film : Dictator
  • Producer : Kishore Lulla, Sunil Lulla, Arjan Lulla, Sriwass
  • Director : Sriwass
  • Star Cast : Nandamuri Balakrishna, Anjali, Sonal Chauhan
  • Music Director : S. Thaman
Rating: 3.25/5

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Dictator -review
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Chandu (Balakrishna) is a simple middle class guy who stays with his in-laws in the city. He is a huge admirer of Gowtham Buddha and prefers staying peacefully. He happens to meet Divya (Sonal Chauhan) who dreams big of becoming an actress. During this time, a gang of goons harass Divya because of her brother after which Chandu explodes. With these unexpected sequences, things change fastly and Chandu’s family lands up revealing many interesting facts about Chandu who is Dictator in the past. The rest of the film is what happens next

Analysis :

 Dictator -review

The first half of Dictator has been thoroughly entertaining and takes the lead all over. The entertainment has been well balanced with the family emotions all over and the songs have been placed well. The movie takes pace after an action episode after which it never slows down. Balakrishna has been terrific throughout with different variations. On the whole the complete first half of Dictator has been impressive all over with all the elements projected in the needed way.

The second half of Dictator has been completely different as it is completely filled with loads of action episodes and emotional sequences. The songs have been shot well and are the major highlights of the second half. The pre climax episodes are the major highlights of Dictator though the film gets predictable after the major plot has been revealed out. On the whole the complete second half has been packed with action and the much needed commercial elements.

Performance :

Dictator -review

Nandamuri Balakrishna has been terrific as Chandu and Dictator. He carried the complete film on his shoulders and is the major highlight of the film. Anjali has been sincere at her work and she played a key role in the film. Sonal Chauhan played a glamorous role in the film and she is a treat for front seaters. Prudhvi takes up the film on fire with his comedy timing and is one more highlight of Dictator. All the other actors have been decent with their assignments.

The story of Dictator has nothing new to reveal but the narration has been interesting. The screenplay and the dialogues of the film have been taken enough care of. The music and the background score have been the major highlights and they elevated the film well. The cinematography has been elevating and the production values have been grand enough. Sriwass has taken enough care on the film and he mixed all the needed commercial ingredients in the right amounts.

Final Word:
Dictator is a film that is worth watching during this festival season. A full length commercial entertainer with Balakrishna’s terrific performance taking the lead.

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Dictator Movie Review


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