Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning teeth!Tip Of the Day

April 23, 2015 18:25
Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning teeth!

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We may get fear to use hydrogen peroxide as teeth cleaner, but most of the dental products come with H2O2 (or any DIY solution). If the hydrogen peroxide is used properly the stains and plaque can be removed instantly.

Generally the teeth whitening products are coming with about 5.9% of hydrogen peroxide. As the H2O2 can be purchased from nearest pharmacy, you can do all the following things at home yourself.

As this liquid is not harmful or powerful like an antiseptic as chloride or alcohol, and its oxidative properties are potential to remove stains. The hydrogen peroxide can work better on oral ailments like gingivitis and bleeding gums.

3% hydrogen peroxide is safe for teeth bleaching. You should use trusted and un expired liquid for better result, you can refrigerate Hydrogen Peroxide solution right after you buy it. You can use as mouthwash, for which you have to take a small amount of the solution with 3% concentration and swish it in your mouth for some time. Then you should spit it out.

While using the liquid with Cotton Swab, take a clean cotton swab, dip it in H2O2 solution, and use that swab against your teeth.
You can also mix the hydrogen peroxide with baking soda, for which you can also use some paste. you may add a small amount of peppermint extract. Now, brush the teeth with this mixed paste for a couple of minutes or so.

Precautions for using H2O2 on teeth:

1. Use ADA and top dentists’ approved Hydrogen Peroxide solution

2. Do not use on sensitive teeth, bleeding gums and existing teeth ailments.

3. You should avoid Hydrogen Peroxide swallowing.

4. Make sure the Hydrogen Peroxide solution does not get splashed on your clothes.

5. Do not use for children’s teeth

6. Do not use the liquid with OTC whitening products for protecting the tooth enamel.

It is advised to all the readers that consult a dentist before experimenting on your teeth to know about your teeth condition.


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