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July 09, 2019 16:07
4 Steps to Follow to Keep Your Feet Neat and Clean in Monsoon

Despite the fact that monsoon brings relief after scorching summer it also give rise to untold hitches. The germs and infections that monsoon carries not only has adverse effect internally but also on the skin.

Moreover, keeping your feet steer clear of cracks and bacteria in monsoon is strenuous.

If you’re someone who hates going out in the rains but it’s kinda unavoidable for you, here’s how to save your feet from all the dirt and germs, this monsoon. Follow these steps to keep your feet clean and germfree and also as pretty as they are, around the year.

1. Scrub

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Scrubbing your feet is foremost step to follow to get rid of all the dirt and germs trapped on your feet after a long day out. Soak your feet in warm water with anti-bacterial liquid. You may even add salt to the water to release pain and soreness of muscles. After soaking your feet for around 10-15 minutes, scrub your feet thoroughly with a pumice stone or a feet scrub. Wash your feet off with soap and make sure to dry them completely. Moisturize and you’re done.

2. Choose Right Footwear

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Opt for silicon shoes that dry fast and don’t trap water in. Flip flops and open sandals have been the choice for monsoon for ages but they’re not as great as you think. They let all the dirty water on your feet and provide minimal protection from all the bacteria in the contaminated water. Wearing silicon shoes will protect your feet and even if they get wet, they dry off fast and they’re a better option than flip flops.

3. Antiseptic Liquids

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Antiseptic liquids are your best friend in monsoon time of year. Use them generously on your feet during every bath and especially on any wounds or cuts on your feet. If you have cracked feet, make sure to make this a habit for monsoon. Cracked feet allow the bacteria to penetrate deep inside the skin and cause way more harm.

4. Hydration

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Moisturize your feet like winters. Don’t think of it as temporary since it gets washed off when you step out in the rain. Your skin gets dehydrated in the season and it needs the moisture back. Make sure to use your favourite moisturizer or oil every night, before bed. This will also prevent premature wrinkling on your feet.

5. Clean Your Nail Beds

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Make sure to clip and clean your nails every week. Your nails collect a lot more germs than you can ever imagine. These can cause some serious harm if you let the dirt sit on your skin and rot. Make sure you give yourself a pedicure and clean your nail beds every other day, and if you’re overbusy, do it every weekend.

By Sowmya Sangam

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