Tips to look slim in SareesFashion Tips

March 14, 2016 16:46
Tips to look slim in Sarees

Saree is one dress which is loved by all women. It works on all occasions. Draping the sarees in the right manner and choosing the correct fabric according to your body type are the secrets which can work wonders in making you look slim. Here are some tips which will help you to look slim in sarees.

Choose The Right Fabric:
You know each and every fabric has their certain characteristics to play as per your body type. If you choose the right fabric, you can actually hide those extra pounds and look amazing. You should pick up light weight fabrics like, Crepe, Chiffon and Georgette. These fabrics stick to your body very closely and make you look slender.

Go for Lighter Prints:
You should go for lighter prints to look slim in sarees. Light or sleek kind of embroidery and  smaller prints will be the good choice. You will look plump in the bold and big prints.

Pick Sleek Borders:
You should go for narrow borders to look slim in the sarees. If you are short and plump, go for the sleek borders.

Wear dark Colors:
Colours play a big role in appearance of our body shape. who doesn’t look slim in black? Do you know the reason behind it?  It is all because of colour. You can definitely look slim in sarees, if you choose the right colour. Go for some dark colors like black, purple and you can see yourself slim.

Drape it well:
Make sure you have draped your saree well because draping is the most important part of wearing a saree. You should not tug in the entire drapes at one place unless you want to show an extra bulged out belly.

Long Sleeved Blouse:
There is another way to look slim in sarees is to wear long sleeved blouses. You might love  sleeve less or mega sleeves blouses but if you want to look slim in sarees, you should go for long sleeve blouse.


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