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September 23, 2011 16:14
Interview with R.K

RKThe ‘Mama’ of Hyderabad. The Guy with complete ‘Tough’ looks and the roles he have done also highlight the same. But, he was never a complete bad guy. He, with his roles once again proved that all bad guys have such soft corner in their lives, through his roles. He is none other than, Actor – Film maker, R.K., the ‘Hyderabad Nawabs’, ‘AndariBandhuvaya’ fame, who successfully produced and did some roles in these films. R.K. has also entertained the audience with his latest release ‘Vara Prasad V/S Potti Prasad’. A quick chit chat with R.K;

Being a Producer:

Passion towards films and a thought to entertain the audience made me come to this field. My first two films, the series of ‘Hyderabad Nawabs’, were a very big commercial success. I just wanted to make people laugh, by showcasing the same they see every day in their Hyderabad, on silver screen. And this worked out. But, later, I started thinking I should make a message oriented film. Cinema is definitely the medium of entertainment. But, it has to make people think as well, apart from getting entertained. This thought made me produce a meaningful film, ‘AndariBandhyvaya’, directed by my Childhood friend ‘AaNaluguru’ fame Chandra Siddartha. The Movie, released between lot of speculations turned out to be a decent success and yes, I was satisfied as a film maker. This film made me experience the joy of being a proper actor as I had a chance to do a key role in the film as well. Particularly the Climax sequence in this film, turned out to be a highlight. It has been close to two years this film released, and even today people talk about the film and this is an achievement. All credit to my friend, director Chandra Siddarth.

As an Actor:

Right from acting in my first three production ventures, ‘Hyderabad Nawabs’, ‘Angrez’ and ‘AndariBandhuvaya’, I have always played the roles that appeared to be a role of a Villain, but used to have a message at the end. It is not that I want to do only certain type of roles, neither have I believed in ‘image’ trap. I consider myself as a film maker and acting has always been my passion. So, any role that has an importance in the story of the film comes to me, I am ready to take up. So, I did a role in the recent release complete comedy flick ‘Vara Prasad V/S Potti Prasad’. The film, released on September 17th, is running successfully and people are appreciating my work in the film. Telugu Cinema has got n number of great artists, to be being one among them and to be known by people is a goal. And also to produce some entertaining and message oriented films as well, that of course would be convincing to the audience.

Telugu Cinema today:

Has become more unpredictable. It is more the genre of commercial cinema that is ruling the industry today. considering the percentage of audience prefer to watch commercial films that includes a well noted star cast, for any film maker, even to think about experimenting with the story of the film has become a difficult task. Because for a film maker, the moment he thinks of making a film, he has to consider the success ratio, the market, the buyers and the profit factors that are related with the film.  So, as a result not many subject oriented films are coming up. But, I say it is not his factor of money, but passion towards making a meaningful film, drives the film maker to do the same. You can always make a complete effort of projecting a sensible film and for sure the audience would watch the same. It is just that you should know with what you are doing with your film and how the takeoff of the story is. After that, the success has to follow.

A thought that makes me think:

World and people today have become very materialistic. We are living a life, but with no life. we are so busy with our own lives that we don’t even care to look at lending a helping hand to others. This way, we have to sit back and think where we are going. We are making a good amount of development, but diminishing when it comes to human values, each day. This thought itself, inspired me to produce a critically acclaimed film like ‘AndariBandhuvaya’, that was recognized by the audience as well as appreciate with n number of state and well known Awards. No matter I do not earn oodles of money being a film maker, but every now and then I promise of making films like this.

End of the day, I only have one motto, our thought process should change for a better and I would be inculcating the same with my films.

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