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September 21, 2011 18:15
A Usual Director with an unusual approach

A Usual Director with an unusual approach - Govinda VarmaProbably two weeks ago, a film titled ‘Nenu Nanna Abaddham’, released in Hyderabad and all other centers throughout Andhra Pradesh. The Movie, Starring not so well noted Hero, and a new comer as a Heroine, released with absolute no expectations. As every Good work talks, even this film has completed its second week of releasing and running successfully. Well, this is what we call how profitable it would be for the film makers to produce an less than average budget film and enjoy the success of it. More than anyone, all the appreciation goes to the creator of the film, Debutant Director Govind Varaha, who has made ‘Nenu Nanna Abhaddam’ a worth watching film. Let’s know more what this director has to say about him, the film and his Journey as a director;

Being a part of this industry
It has been very tough for me to sustain all these years in this industry and able to see my name on silver screen as a director of a film. Initial stages of my career were very tough. My aspiration and only aim in life is to become a director and for this I had to struggle a lot. Somehow, I managed to join as a assistant of director Karunakaran and this association has helped to a major extent. I consider Karunakaran as my ‘Guru’ and Dasari Narayana Rao has been my inspiration of my life. Today, Dasari Garu, after watching ‘Nenu Nanna Abhaddam’, ahs complemented on my work and that itself is a ‘Osca’ recognition for me.

‘Nenu Nanna Abhaddam’
It is a complete feel good film that revolves around a adolescent couple residing in a Village. Like any other two teenagers, even this couple fall in love with each other. The rich - poor factor dominates their love and they decide to elope. But, I have tried projecting what happens after this couple takes this ‘big’ decision to live life their own. And yes, this has worked positive. The movie, released on September 9th has been getting good reviews each day and today the movie is considered to be a good success, satisfying the film maker too.

Hero – Heroine of the film
When I was done with the story and the pre production work of my first film as a director, I did not found any film maker or a Hero who could trust me and let me direct the film. In my search, I met Nandu, the Hero of the film. He was so very impressed with the script that he immediately agreed to do the film and introduced me to the producers of the film. And later on, everything happened as planned.
As far as selecting the female lead in the film, I wanted to introduce a new face who has looks and extra ordinary performance skills. I remember the girl who played Young Arundhati, in the film ‘Arundhati’. So, I approached Divya Nagesh. Though she is too young to become a heroine, she suited the hero of the film and the character as well. So, there were no second thoughts.

On the success of the film
Like any other director, even I was very nervous before the release of the film and on the first day of release as well. No doubt I am confident on my making. But, it is only a unpredictable thought as how would the audience would receive the film. Moreover, there is no well known actor in either of the lead roles. For the film to be successful the audience has to watch it and through the mouth publicity, the talk about the film would spread from one to another. I am thankful to each and every audience, who has made this film a success.

Future projects
I am working on a script now. As I have made my directorial debut directing a complete love entertainer, I just want to experiment with my second film. The chances of the film going to go on – location from November 2011 are high. The rest of the details of the cast and crew and the other technical team will be announced soon.
By Govind Varahaa’s experiences, it is once again proved, not every high budget film will be a success, not every average budget film, will be a flop.

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