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August 08, 2011 13:01
‘A Fat Guy’s Success Story’

KrishnuduI still remember that moment when I have seen the trailers of the Movie, ‘Vinayakudu’. I was almost shocked. One question that popped up into my mind was, ‘What? Is thing Guy a Hero of the film?’ then my friends said, ‘Koi Nahi Yaar, these kind of a love story of a fat guy, would come up every now and then. No big deal at all’. Even I thought the same thing. ‘Vinayakudu’ was released, started getting good reviews, so as ‘The Fat Guy’, Krishnudu’s performance. People were convinced with the film. Soon came up another film titled ‘Village lo Vinayakudu’, starring Kirshnudu. Even this flick turned out to be a success. I suppose, there was no looking back for Krishnudu from then. The Actor entertained the audience with his comedy that was very refreshing in the film, ‘Em Maya Chesaave’. Krishnudu appeared as a Hero as well as a Comedian in many films. Even his recent release ‘Amayakudu’, turned out to be an average success. And now, Krishnudu is busy with his film, ‘Naku Oka Lover Undi’ that is scheduled for a release soon. Let’s see what Krishnudu has to say about all these years of his journey into Telugu Cinema, about ‘Naku Oka Lover Undi’ and much more questions asked by Andhrawishesh;

Krishnudu ki kuda ‘Oka Lover Unda’?

Yes, as soon as you have a look at the title and see me as a Hero, you get this question in mind. But, this is the idea behind the entire concept. I play a ‘Pandit’ in this film and my father’s character is played by Veteran Actor M.S. Narayana. Now, if a ‘Pandit’ meets a ultra modern Beautiful girl, falls in love, and then feels ‘Yes, I do have a Lover’, and all these thoughts when captured in a Camera, and turn out to be a film, then it is ‘Naku Oka Lover Undi’. Well, this is definitely a Experiment made with an personality like mine, but I hope audience would accept this film, as they did my first film, ‘Vinayakudu’, that was an experiment too.

About the rest of the crew of this film

The Director of this film, K. Ram Venky, has worked as a Assistant Director, under Veteran Director K. Raghavendra Rao. Ram has got his style of making a film, that for sure, will attract the audience as well. The music scores are composed by K.M. Radha Krishnan, who has given extra ordinary Music for the films like ‘Anand’, ‘Godavari’, ‘Chandamama’. And the role of my ‘Lover’ is played by a new comer Rithika, she is beautiful, with immense acting skills and has a long way to go. The film is produced by Suresh Babu.

Who can forget the Cinematography handled by John for this film? Every frame is a feast for our eyes. This film is a perfect combo of perfect Technicians.

From Assistant director in ‘Baghiradha’, to ‘Vinayakudu’

The only reason I have come to this industry and where ever I am standing today, all this is because my passion towards Cinema. After finishing my Studies, I wanted to take up Cinema as a full time career. I joined a film institute, and after completing the training, started hunting for the offers. Initially, I used to be well in shape and appeared in many small time roles in many films. It was during this time, I met with an accident, and Doctors advised me a 6 months bed rest. And as a result, I got this body. Once I have come back to try out with offers people were like, nothing can be done by me, without reducing my weight.

I ended up getting some offers. I used to do the roles that are not even noticed in front of camera, for many films. Meanwhile, I have also worked with Cinematographer – Director Rasool Ellor, during the film, ‘Bhageeradha’. It was this time, I happen to meet Sai Kiran Adavi, and he narrated me the story line of ‘Vinayakudu’. Rest, you all know.

But yes, all these years of experience in this industry, taught me to learn to live with any changes that happen in your life, opposite to what you have planned, and still succeed in the same.

Character roles, Comedy roles and Hero opportunities, tough to handle?

Not at all. Instead, this is the safest way to stay back in this industry for a longer time. I can’t be a Hero, for a much longer time, as compared to others, some Key roles in the films and also Comedy roles can help me survive and grow in this industry. And Moreover, I have always aspired to be a Good Artist and not only a Hero. So, at any given point of time, the quality and importance of the role given to me matters, and not the type of character I am playing. I have never believed in ‘image’, and would not even either, in near future.

Intentions to direct a film?

Soon. I am planning to direct a film very soon. But, definitely, as I believe in making sensible Movies, my kind of a Movie, will also include a sensible story. But, I am not yet prepared totally, to get into direction. Well, this is a very big responsibility and I need some more time to get geared up for this.

Suggestions to all those who want to get into acting

I am not as big as to suggest anything. But, I would instead share my learning experience, that taught me, no matter what, never lose confidence in you and never give up. What makes you tough to fight against the odd, is the problems that you face. Be strong and there is nothing you can’t achieve.

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