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July 21, 2011 15:32
‘Key’ a Start to my Career –Nagendra Prasad

NagendraPrasadAn entire film based on a question given and the clue for it to be found. A film shot in an single room. Except for 3 known faces, rest of the star cast of the film, includes Software Professionals from ‘Mahindra Satyam’. This is what anyone who has seen and known about the recent release ‘Key’ would say. Now, let’s chat with the Pillar behind this film to commence, the director of the film, Nagendra Prasad;

AW: If I say, entering into this Industry is a Journey, then how so you define your directorial Journey?

Nagendra: Yes, right from the thought of becoming a director, to my first film, ‘Key’s release, I consider this as my journey itself. I always wanted to become a director. This thought has driven me to pursue Mass Communications from Central University. After that, for almost 8 years, I have working in the Programming Department in various Television Channels. With all the experience and goodwill I have earned all these years, I have directed ‘Key’. And here I am today.

AW: Well, but what made you to chose a Story line, that is very different from a regular Cinema?

Nagendra: I only thought that I want to prove what I am, is the reason behind choosing to direct a Psychological Thriller like ‘Key’. And I thank Jagapathi Babu, for acting a role in this film that turned out to be one of the major USPs (Unique Selling Point) for this film, and supporting me for my work, throughout the making of this film.

AW: Why a Psychological Thriller?

Nagendra: Why not? According to me, Cinema is an effective medium, where our thoughts can be communicated to the audience. And I took this subject as a challenge. There are no action sequences, songs (except one promotional song), intimate sequences between the lead pair, and not extra ordinary locations. But, still the film is earning good reviews today. I am more than happy.

AW: Do you want to stick to experimental flicks like this, further?

Nagendra: No, not at all. Even I am keen in directing a Commercial Cinema, project the elements of love, action, sentiment, comedy, romance as per my idea and convince the audience. it was to give a good start and because of the subject I have chosen to make my directorial debut with ‘Key’.

AW: About the Star cast of the film?

Nagendra: There are three well known faces that appear in the film. One is Jagapathi Babu, the other two are Swapna and Deepthi Vajpai, who have created their identity as News Presenters in Popular Television Channels. Rest all are Software Professionals from ‘Mahindra Satyam’. I just wanted to make the film feel real and this is the reason behind selecting the star cast.

AW: About the Technical Crew?

Nagendra: Camera work plays a vital role in the film. I can understand how difficult it is to shoot the entire film, in a single room and yet show variations in the sequences on screen. All the credit goes to the Cameraman of the film, P G Vinda, who is an award winning Cameraman for his work in the films like ‘Grahanam’. Moreover, ‘Key’ movie is made under the digital format. Though this film has no songs in it, there is a promotional song and Back ground score, this work is done by Vijay Kurakula, who’s extra ordinary work was appreciated earlier, in the films like ‘A Film by Arvind’ and ‘Rakta Charitra’. The back ground score is the Soul for this film. And yes, the producer of the film, Sukumar Reddy. He supported me throughout making the film. I would appreciate my entire Direction team members. The reason, ‘Key’ completed its shooting and released in a desired deadline, is only because of the team effort of everyone related to this film.

AW: Any Hurdles in the initial stages of your career?

Nagendra: I feel lucky enough to not to face much of a problem in getting into films, directing my first film. I always had a passion for Cinema, studied the subject related to it, got into Television in order to understand the Medium and then to my first film. Till date, I have achieved whatever I dreamed of. Hope even in future I achieve many more successful films.

AW: Any suggestion to the newcomers who aspire to become the Directors?

Nagendra: Hmmm, Yes, this is not a suggestion, but I am sharing whatever I have observed. I feel independent film making, is the growing phenomena in the industry today. If you aspire to become a Director, then don’t be in a thought that only Commercial Cinema can prove your worth. You can start of as a Director, directing Short films, Documentaries and then aiming of directing a Cinema. Even, Award Winning Directors like Neelakanta, started their Career by directing Short films. It is the passion of becoming the director that should drive you and not the thought of becoming successful and earning recognition overnight.

AW: What do you have to say to the audience?

Nagendra: ‘Key’ is not a Cinema with all the elements you look for in a Cinema, but, it is definitely a Commercial Cinema. If you are planning to watch ‘Key’, then come to the theater without any expectations. I am confident that ‘Key’ would not disappoint you.

It was a great experience in speaking with this director. Hope Nagendra Prasad would flourish as a Director in this industry.

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