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July 09, 2011 15:46
Interview with actress Ashmita Sood

AshmithaAshmita Sood ‘All the way from Small Screen to Silver Screen’

The recently released T – Town film, ‘Bramhi Gadi Katha’, that has been recognized as a out and out Comic jorner film, that proved to be a successful film in the recent releases. This is definitely a very good turn for the Hero of the film, Varun Sandesh, who has been waiting for a success, since very long time. And the lasy luck, who infact proved to be lucky to the film makers of this film, is Ashmita Sood. The actress has got amazing looks, and her acting skills also seem to be okey. All this is more than enough for a new comer, to try sustaining in the film industry. In regard to the success of the film, Andhrawishesh team had a chit – chat, with Ashmita Sood. The Actress talks about her entry into films, about ‘Bramhi Gadi Katha’, and the experiences she has encountered while shooting for the film;

AW: Hello Ashmita, welcome to T – Town

Ashmita: Hey thanks a lot.

AW: So, How does it feel to see you on Big Screen?

Ashmita: Amazing. You don’t believe, but, I have never even thought that I will end up in films.

AW: Then how did your entry into films happen?

Ashmita: Well, I have taken part in a reality show, in a National Television. Then my journey went on towards Modeling. It was during this time, the film makers of ‘Bramhi Gadi Katha’, have seen one of my Modeling Assignment, thought that I am the perfect face, that suits the character, and that’s how, I have landed up in ‘Bramhi Gadi Katha’.

AW: for every Artist, their first film is definitely special. How about you?

Ashmita: why not? I can’t explain how happy I was seeing myself on – screen. And much before this, even happy to get my first assignment as a Heroine. This film and my co – stars, and even the Director of the film, have taught me how to behave, how to act and how to plan my career ahead. As of now, there are no offers that I have agreed on but, I am sure that I will be doing couple of good films.

AW: Any plans to try your luck in B – Town?

Ashmita: as of now, I am only looking on concentrating and building up my career in T – Town. It is too early to think about B – Town. But, if offers come my way, then I will definitely consider them.

AW: How was the Acting Experience with your co – star Varun Sandesh?

Ashmita: He is just Superb. Since we are of the same age group, we were friends from the very first day of the shooting. And I am glad that I have got an opportunity to work with Veteran Comedian such as Bramhanandam.

AW: ‘Bramhi Gadi Katha’, is a Comic flick, and it is very important to understand the timing while you are enacting a comedy sequence, for which you have to know the language. Was it not hard for you to enact the sequence without knowing the language?

Ashmita: Let me admit one thing. It is very hard to enact the sequence without understanding what the dialogues mean, and what your co – artist is saying. But, thanks to all my co – stars, Director, co – directors, and Assistant Directors, who helped me in learning my lines and also what they mean.

AW: More about the crew of the film?

Ashmita: Well, my big thanks to the Director of the film, Eeshwar Reddy Sir. He was the one, who taught me my ability to act. Infact, he was the one who made me realize the potential I have to act. I am really grateful to him. And also the film makers, the entire production house of Multi Dimensions. Just like me, the film is the first project for the film makers too. And I am happy that ‘Bramhi Gadi Katha’, did not disappoint the film makers and the audience too.

AW: Well Ashmita, we wish you all the very best to your future

Ashmita: thanks a lot.

So, this is about Ashmita Sood, a girl, who had made her entry on big screen, from small screen.

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