I had a Big Argument with Dil Raju Celebrity Interviews

May 18, 2011 20:10
I had a Big Argument with Dil Raju

thamanHe is a Hot cake for Telugu and Tamil film Industries. Right from the Director, to Heroes, to Producers wants him to be a part of their films. His calendar for the Entire year of 2011 is filled with films. He is none other than most wanted Music Director Thaman.S, while he just took a small break from his re recording work for his upcoming film ‘Vyshali’. Catch a quick chit chat with Thaman. S that Andhra Wishesh Team Had.

AW: Hi Thaman.

Thaman: Hey

AW: So, how’s life going on?

Thaman: Hmmm, full of work. But yes, I am definitely enjoying it and have been waiting for this movement since the age of 8.

AW: Since the age of 8? Please explain.

Thaman: well, I have come to this Industry, when I was 8 years old. My first film was Nag starrer ‘Hello Brother’. I have joined as Koti Sir’s assistant with this film. My passion for music alone drove me towards the Industry, from then onwards, I have worked with legends like Manisharma Sir, Director Shankar Sir. In fact, while acting in the film ‘Boys’ I was more into composing tunes and making them listen to Shankar Sir. He has given me the first opportunity as a Music Director.

AW: First opportunity?

Thaman: Yes, ‘Vyshali’ is my first film as a Music Director. In Tamil the film is named as ‘Eeram’. Shankar Sir is the producer of the film. The film is directed by Shankar Sir’s assistant; Arivazhagan Venkatachalam is the director of the film. After this film, I got popular in both Tamil and Telugu Industries.

AW: Tell us more about ‘Vyshali’ the film is going to be released on 27th of this month.

Thaman: ‘Vyshali’ is not a feel good film. This is a film with lot of change over’s in it. It is Suspense – Horror film. I would request the audience to watch this film without any expectations. Then all of you will definitely like it and at least for a day after watching the film, all of you would stay calm.

AW: If ‘Vyshali’ is a Horror – Suspense film, then why those two sensuous and romantic track in it?

Thaman: well, I can’t reveal this now. But yes, all the songs in the film are definitely situation based.

AW: You have been continuously composing music since your first film Jayeebhava. So, how do you plan for a change over from one film to another?

Thaman: I don’t plan anything in particular. But yes, I would definitely keep in mind the story, the situation on which I am composing a song, and most important, the Body languages of the lead stars. Also, I would keep in mind that I am here to work for those film makers who give me money and ask me to make best of the music I can. So, you can see the output.

AW: Tell us how your career graph was?

Thaman: amazing. I feel lucky enough to be surrounded with so many good people. Everyone recognized my work and encouraged me with excellent opportunities. Right from Ravi teja to Nagarjuna I have composed music for many happening heroes in Tollywood.

AW: We heard that, this year’s calendar of yours is full of new projects?

Thaman: Oh, yes. As of now ‘Veera’ and ‘Vyshali’ are scheduled for release. I am composing for Mahesh’s ‘Dookudu’. I have also signed for Mahesh’s next ‘Businessman’ and some more films are under discussions. Apart from this I am doing some interesting projects on Kollywood too, one of them being ‘Dabanng’ remake, Starring Simbhu.

AW: Tell us more about ‘Vyshali’.

Thaman: I will share a incident with you. Vyshali is a dubbed version of Tamil film ‘Eeram’ that means water.Thaman Interview When the discussions were going on about the film’s title in Telugu, I literally fought with Dil Raju Sir as I asked him to title the film, that meaning would sense water. But, in Telugu this was not possible, so he changed the name of the Heroine of the film to Vyshali and ended up putting the same title. And even the Hero Heroine, Aadi and Sindu Menon have given extra ordinary performance. It would be a excellent come back for Sindu menon.

AW: Finally, what do you have to say about Music, Being a Music Director?

Thaman: Music is a soul of everyone. It mesmerizes us, changes our mood, makes us dance, make us dream, and even heals our diseases. I personally can’t live without music.

With this the Music Director resumed back to his work and we to upload this chat to you. But one thing I learnt from Thaman is, no matter how successful you are as a person, it is very important not to forget from where you have come.

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