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May 16, 2011 19:35
Sukumar latest Talk

SukumarA Director of his own “logic”
He is a Director, who has logic to every point he tells. Even audience also accepts this logic of him by making his every film a huge success. It could be One Side Love, guys aiming to become a Rowdy, My Love is Gone or proving ‘Infatuation’ as a True feeling that Love. All this is only possible to Director Sukumar. Andhra wishesh team had a quick chat with the ‘100% Love’ Director. Good see such a Big Director, with cool, calm and Down to earth nature. Here is some chit – chat for you too;

AW: Hi Sir, congrats on the success of ‘100% Love’
Sukumar: Thanks. Thank you very much.

AW: So, tell us how did “100% Love” happen?
Sukumar: I always liked the thought of a Boy and a girl studying together. Infact, when I was in my Intermediate, there were a Sister – Brother I know

who used to sit and study together. With this point I have written ‘100% Love’. Since this is a film, instead of Brother – Sister, I have changed the relationship to ‘Baava – Maradalu’.

AW: Every film of yours has a point in it. And Audience will also receive it most of the times. How to you feel about this?
Sukumar: I feel happy. And as far as the point that I project in my films is concerned, it is nothing but my passion towards films, because of which I look at things from a Different perspective. Many times, it is a success and some times it is a failure. Before writing even a single dialogue, I only look at it from the Audience perspective. Because end of the day, the films are for audience.

AW: Sir, these days, ‘Item Songs’ are like compulsory. Even in your films, right from Aarya to 100% Love every film has an Item song. Why Sir?
Sukumar: I do not know about other Directors, but in my Films, Item Songs are purely for Mass Audience. I create a situation for a Item Song. Today, a film is not just for any particular class of Audience. That is the reason my films strive to be overall entertainers.

AW: So is 100% Love. Sir, how did Allu Arivind ji reacted when he heard the story?
Sukumar: irrespective of age, Arvind ji is one such film maker who always wants audience to watch and enjoy ‘fresh’ films. When I told the story to him, I have taken round about 100 titles to him like ‘Balu – Swapna’ types. Infact, the title ‘100% Love’ was my last option. Surprisingly, Arvind ji liked the title and 100% Love today is a 100% success, because audience also liked it.

AW: We wanted to know, how did you highlight the feeling of ‘Infatuation’ in the film Sir?
Sukumar: people won’t accept. But the reality is that only ‘Infatuation’ is a true feeling when you see a opposite person, first. All these affections, understanding, love come later. I did not mean that all these are not true. I only meant ‘Infatuation’ is true. And I feel even audience meant the same after watching 100% love.

AW: Every film of yours has Logic in it that projects every point in a different way. Do you apply this logic of yours in real life too?
Sukumar: (Laughs) No. till now I have not made any such experiments. Life is all about emotions. People like to see some thing different on Silver Screen, so come these Logics.

AW: Ok, Tell us something about your Music Director DSP.
Sukumar: well, Devi and I think similarly. Even before I don’t complete narrating a situation, he comes up with a tune. I feel there I and Devi share a proper understanding that is required between a Director and a Music Director.

AW: If given a chance, on which film of yours you want to re – work?
Sukumar: it would be Aarya. My first film. When I compare my Direction, from then to now, I feel I have made a lot of mistakes in Aarya that I want to rectify.

AW: Tell us one such hero in tollywood you want to work with?
Sukumar: oh! Please don’t ask me this yaar. It’s very difficult to answer this question.

AW: Ok Sir, do you want to tell anything to our AW’s readers?
Sukumar: Well, if you do not watch 100% Love, then you are missing 100% of your life.

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