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  • EPF, withdrawals, employee provident fund members withdraw rs 39 000 crore amid covid 19 crisis, Up workers

    Employee Provident Fund members withdraw Rs. 39,000 crore amid COVID-19 crisis 2020-09-15 07:23:56

    About 10.4 million salaried workers had to withdraw their retirement savings during the coronavirus induced nationwide lockdown.The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) members withdrew a whopping Rs. 39,402 crore from their PF accounts in between March 25 and August 31 according...

    Keywords: Employee Provident Fund Organization, withdrawals, salaried workers, EPF

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    quarantine, symptoms, covid 19 pandemic is triggering eating disorders health experts, Up workers

    COVID-19 pandemic is triggering eating disorders: Health Experts 2020-09-16 10:02:44

    Along with a lot of other health issues, COVID-19 also triggers eating disorders but gets unnoticed according to the experts. The coronavirus pandemic has proved to be deadlier than one has ever imagined. People are so petrified that some of...

    Keywords: quarantine, quarantine, quarantine, quarantine

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    COVID-19, American Indians, minority children at higher risk of death due to covid 19 cdc, Up workers

    Minority children at higher risk of death due to COVID-19: CDC 2020-09-18 10:47:25

    CDC USA says that children of minority communities are at higher risk of death due to COVID-19 especially the ones with underlying conditions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday issued its weekly mortality and morbidity report which...

    Keywords: minority children, minority children, Hispanics, American Indians

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    Harsh Vardhan, India, covid 19 vaccine to be available by early 2021 health minister, Up workers

    COVID-19 vaccine to be available by early 2021: Health Minister 2020-09-14 12:39:09

    The first dose of the vaccine will be taken by the health minister Harsha Vardhan himself to assure the people with safety. In what comes as the most awaited news, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has guaranteed that the vaccine...

    Keywords: safety, Harsh Vardhan, health minister, India

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    employer, establishment, govt launches a portal for migrant workers to ensure timely salaries travel benefits, Up workers

    Govt Launches a Portal for Migrant Workers to Ensure Timely Salaries, Travel Benefits 2020-09-21 15:10:03

    A journey allowance will be given to the migrant workers who work in other states. A lump sum amount will be paid for a year for his/her travel to native place. The labor code on occupational safety, health, and working...

    Keywords: native place, establishment, native place, migrant workers

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    flu vaccine, flu vaccine, the poor likely to get free covid 19 vaccine, Up workers

    The Poor Likely To Get Free COVID-19 Vaccine 2020-09-28 10:53:34

    It is likely that the ones who cannot afford a COVID-19 vaccine might get it for free from the Government. According to an official, the vaccine would cost Rs 140 - 210. The Serum Institute of India, CEO Adar Poonawalla,...

    Keywords: hepatitis B vaccine, Government of India, covishield, covishield

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