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  • home ministry, government, inaction on delhi police and government s part led to covid 19 outbreak, Travel

    Inaction on Delhi police and government’s part led to Covid-19 outbreak? 2020-04-01 06:00:24

    If you have kept up with the news, it is likely that you know about the sudden surge in the Covid-19 cases owing to the reports of the Tablighi Jamaat that was held in the Nizamuddin Mosque in Delhi. While...

    Keywords: nizamuddin, delhi police, nizamuddin, tablighi jamaat

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    wuhan, china, china starts reporting asymptomatic covid 19 cases, Travel

    China starts reporting asymptomatic Covid-19 cases 2020-04-01 11:03:53

    While China has kept the reports regarding the asymptomatic coronavirus cases classified till now, they have changed things up. The health authorities in China started reporting the asymptomatic cases on Wednesday to allay the public fears around the country. The...

    Keywords: china, coronavirus, coronavirus, coronavirus

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    confirmed cases, delhi, 300 suspects isolated in hospital following death reports from nizamuddin mosque gathering, Travel

    300 suspects isolated in hospital following death reports from Nizamuddin mosque gathering 2020-03-31 06:30:56

    Over 300 suspects have been taken to various hospitals in Delhi to be tested for coronavirus following a gathering at a mosque that was held at Alami Markaz Banglewali Masjid in Nizamuddin and featured speakers from various international countries including...

    Keywords: confirmed cases, coronavirus, nizamuddin, delhi

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    coronavirus, local infection, government agrees on limited community transmission in india, Travel

    Government agrees on ‘limited community transmission’ in India 2020-03-30 13:17:28

    After a series of social media posts and random news outlets trending rumors surrounding the extensive community spread infection of the coronavirus, the government of India finally admitted that there is very “limited community transmission” in this country. For the...

    Keywords: india, community transmission, coronavirus, community transmission

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    indians, singapore, three indians among 42 confirmed covid 19 cases in singapore, Travel

    Three Indians among 42 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Singapore 2020-03-30 13:50:56

    Among the 42 new cases reported in Singapore, three Indian nationals have been identified in them. This has taken up the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 844. Out of the 42 new cases, 24 of them...

    Keywords: indians, confirmed cases, singapore, coronavirus

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    new york, president trump, quarantine will not be necessary president trump about new york lockdown, Travel

    ‘Quarantine will not be necessary’: President Trump about New York lockdown 2020-03-30 06:12:49

    While United States is at the top with their increased number of confirmed cases; peaking at over 142,000 confirmed cases as of now, things in New York specifically have taken a turn for the worse. With the worsening condition, while...

    Keywords: cdc, new york, quarantine, cdc

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