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  • Banned Australian ad is internet hit, Banned Australian ad is internet hit, banned australian ad is internet hit, Too sexy

    Banned Australian ad is internet hit 2013-12-12 09:34:42

    An Australian condom commercial that has been banned from TV is a big hit on YouTube. The advertisement shows a couple in a pharmacy, trying out condoms of various sizes. Produced for Four Seasons Condoms, it was banned from TV...

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    Traditional career colors, Traditional career colors, what is a perfect work wear, Too sexy

    What is a Perfect Work wear? 2012-03-29 05:44:57

    Let us stop defining ‘Perfect’ as it is different from you to me. But, let us know what is the Work wear that is accepted by Women on a large scale. And here you go; •    Color plays a big...

    Keywords: stop defining Perfect, stop defining Perfect, Traditional career colors, sloppy

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