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  • Spacebug Detected, Sunita Williams breaking, trouble for sunita williams after spacebug detected, Technology

    Trouble For Sunita Williams after Spacebug Detected 2024-06-11 07:44:20

    A new health concern has surfaced for NASA's Indian-born astronaut Sunita Williams and the eight other crew members currently aboard the International Space Station (ISS). A formidable bacterial strain, known as 'Enterobacter bugandensis,' has taken up residence within the orbital...

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    KCR PPAs Irregularities, KCR scam, ppas irregularities kcr gets notices, Technology

    PPAs Irregularities: KCR gets Notices 2024-06-12 10:34:06

    The judicial commission led by Justice Narasimha Reddy has requested a response from K. Chandrashekar Rao, the president of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) and former chief minister, regarding alleged irregularities in the power purchase agreements (PPAs) made during the...

    Keywords: KCR gets notices, PPAs Irregularities, KCR controversy, KCR controversy

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    Deepfake scam, Deepfake money scam, how deepfake can steal your money in seconds, Technology

    How Deepfake Can Steal Your Money In Seconds? 2024-06-11 06:57:14

    The misuse of deepfake technology in financial fraud has become a global problem. Scammers use this advanced technology to create very real but fake videos and audios to deceive people. What is Deepfake Technology? Deepfake technology can be used to...

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    Narendra Modi G7 Summit breaking, Narendra Modi G7 Summit updates, narendra modi s key meetings at the g7 summit, Technology

    Narendra Modi's key meetings at the G7 Summit 2024-06-15 08:47:43

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has traveled to Italy to attend the prestigious G7 Summit, where he is engaging in crucial bilateral discussions with global leaders. The event is taking place at the luxurious Borgo Egnazia resort in the Apulia region...

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    Narendra Modi's Cabinet latest, Narendra Modi's Cabinet news, full list of narendra modi s cabinet and portfolios, Technology

    Full List of Narendra Modi's Cabinet and Portfolios 2024-06-11 07:17:21

    Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister, was sworn in yesterday along with 71 ministers, forming the new coalition government. The oath was administered by President Droupadi Murmu to the incoming ministers. The cabinet includes 30 Cabinet Ministers, 5 Ministers of State...

    Keywords: Narendra Modi's Cabinet updates, Narendra Modi's Cabinet news, New Ministers 2024, Union Cabinet 2024

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    iPhone 1 pro max, Apple AI, apple announcements at wwdc 2024 ios 18 siri 2 0 and apple intelligence, Technology

    Apple announcements at WWDC 2024 : IOS 18, Siri 2.0 and Apple Intelligence 2024-06-11 10:37:23

    Apple introduced the game-changer AI, but sadly restricted it only to the new iPhone, iPad and Mac users. Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple has launched Apple Intelligence (AI) at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 at the tech giant's...

    Keywords: Apple intelligence, Apple ChatGPT, iPhone 1 pro max, Siri 2.0

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