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  • Indian Edtech companies, Indian Edtech companies market, indian edtech companies gaining global recognition, Tech companies

    Indian Edtech Companies Gaining Global Recognition 2021-08-23 06:46:16

    The coronavirus pandemic disrupted the lives of the people and all the fields are shattered badly. The players of edtech continued to bag better opportunities as they are working with the students and teachers online. More than a dozen edtech...

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    Meta Dividend, Mark Zuckerberg updates, meta s new dividend mark zuckerberg to get 700 million a year, Tech companies

    Meta's New Dividend: Mark Zuckerberg To Get $700 Million A Year 2024-02-03 09:18:38

    Meta Platforms Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has the potential to receive an annual payout of approximately $700 million from the company's first-ever dividend for investors. Meta recently announced a quarterly cash dividend of 50 cents per share for Class A...

    Keywords: Mark Zuckerberg breaking, Mark Zuckerberg new updates, Meta Dividend, Mark Zuckerberg net worth

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    Joe Biden, Facebook, zuckerberg s odd problem with biden and vice versa, Tech companies

    Zuckerberg's Odd Problem With Biden And Vice-Versa 2021-01-25 08:57:02

    Mark Zuckerberg had a long timeline. He started from developing Facebook and revolutionizing the social media world. However, as much as he had his success, he’s also had his falls. The Facebook acknowledgement, inciting ethnic cleaning in Myanmar, WhatsApp lynching...

    Keywords: Facebook, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

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    Search engine, Google, google might withdraw from australia search engine threatens to leave, Tech companies

    Google might withdraw from Australia, search engine threatens to leave 2021-01-22 08:38:53

    Google says that the new law in Australia will lead to disabling the search engine tool for Australians. The new law states that they will share all royalties with news publishers. Australia is about to introduce a new landmark law...

    Keywords: Facebook, Ban, government, Ban

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    Microsoft, Whatsapp, scams and scandals big tech companies were involved with in 2020, Tech companies

    Scams and scandals Big Tech Companies were involved with in 2020 2020-12-28 07:21:33

    Apart from this year bringing in a lot of unfortunate events and news, this year was also a revolt in terms of tech companies screwing up. The year 2020 faced major issues with tech companies. The big guns issued apologies...

    Keywords: tech giants, Microsoft, Whatsapp, XBox

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    make in India, deflation, india gdp growth 2020 better or worse, Tech companies

    India GDP growth 2020- better or worse? 2020-12-18 10:06:22

    In the year 2020, there were short term disruptions for the Indian economy, largely due to the implementation of several policy reforms such as demonetization and the GST which is the Goods and Services Tax. The office market in 2019...

    Keywords: deflation, make in India, inflation, make in India

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