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    Spread sweetness with watermelon fruit leather 2014-08-12 09:59:27

    We have all had "aam-papads" or "amavats", a mango leather made of mango pulp and concentrated sugar solution and sun-dried. But today, we bring you a watermelon version of the same chewy, juicy, flavorful treat. That's right! Watermelon fruit leather,...

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    naivedyam recipes, naivedyam recipes, palathaliklau recipe indian sweet noodles, Sweet recipes

    Palathaliklau Recipe, Indian Sweet Noodles 2015-10-14 11:28:53

    Indian sweet dish Pala Thalikalu is mostly prepared during the times of festivals as naivedyam. Yet it is a yummy snack that can be prepared at any time to satisfy your quest for a homemade sweet dish. This is a...

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