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  • vision, children, how to protect kids from eye vision problems, Students

    How to protect kids from eye vision problems 2020-10-08 09:19:24

    It is always wise to ensure that your Child's eyesight is fine before sending him/her to school. It is a common phenomenon for children to experience eye problems while attending the schools. Almost every parent shouts at the children to...

    Keywords: vision, children, eyesight, vision

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    Supreme Court, country, are the courts being fair to indian muslims, Students

    Are the Courts being Fair to Indian Muslims? 2020-10-01 15:59:08

    Most of the Muslims of India work in the low paying sectors of the Indian economy. After nearly three decades of fight, 850 witnesses, proofs of tapes and audio, the Supreme Court on Wednesday acquitted all the 32 accused in...

    Keywords: Supreme Court, India, Narendra Modi, India

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    Jill Biden, English, everything about jill biden the potential future first lady of the us, Students

    Everything about Jill Biden, the potential future first lady of the US 2020-10-07 10:49:04

    Jill Biden has incessantly stood by her husband Joe Biden through all the Presidential bids in 1988, 2008, and 2020.Jill Biden is the wife of Democratic Presidential candidate former vice President Joe Biden.Before she was noticed by the National spotlight...

    Keywords: Joe Biden, professor, Joe Biden, first lady

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    HERITAGE 2020 - Virtual Fundraising Concert, HERITAGE 2020 - Virtual Fundraising Concert, heritage 2020 virtual fundraising concert, Students

    HERITAGE 2020 - Virtual Fundraising Concert 2020-10-21 15:14:35

    HERITAGE 2020 - Virtual Fundraising ConcertAbout this event:LAIMA is a diverse community of teachers, students, and international music lovers working together to create positive change in Los Angeles and beyond. The LAIMA Foundation raises funds through concerts, membership, retreats and...

    Keywords: HERITAGE 2020 - Virtual Fundraising Concert, HERITAGE 2020 - Virtual Fundraising Concert, HERITAGE 2020 - Virtual Fundraising Concert, HERITAGE 2020 - Virtual Fundraising Concert

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    new education policy, STARS Programme, education scheme of 5 718 crore cleared by centre, Students

    Education Scheme Of 5,718 Crore Cleared By Centre 2020-10-14 13:39:20

    On Wednesday, the Union Government initiated a centrally sponsored scheme of 5,718 crore to improve education outcomes with the World Bank in 6 States. Further, they announced that a similar programme would be rolled out in five other States too....

    Keywords: Union Government, Union Government, new education policy, Education Scheme

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    students, schools, unlock 5 0 guidelines for reopening schools explained, Students

    Unlock 5.0: Guidelines for reopening schools explained 2020-10-07 14:35:21

    The Union Ministry of Education has released a set of guidelines for the reopening of all schools from October 15. The central government has left the decision in the hands of the state governments to decide which classes to reopen...

    Keywords: education, education, government, Union Ministry

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