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  • voting for NRIs, voting for NRIs, nri voting is very much focus for us election commissioner sushil chandra, Rajya sabha

    ‘NRI Voting Is Very Much Focus for Us’: Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra 2019-07-24 06:02:12

    Months after India had its general elections, Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra on Tuesday called on all Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to register online to boost the numbers of such voters ahead of provisions being put in place for either proxy voting...

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    women in media, best female journalists in india, fewer women in indian newsrooms all you need to know about gender inequality in media, Rajya sabha

    Fewer Women in Indian Newsrooms: All You Need to Know About ‘Gender Inequality in Media’ 2019-08-03 09:26:29

    The role of media in society is crucial. From imparting factual news to the general public to putting an end to below the belt deeds prevailing in society, the media is playing a massive role in the world at large....

    Keywords: women in media, less women in Indian newsrooms, status of women journalists in india, changing role of women in india

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    traffic rules in India, traffic rules in India, traffic rules get stricter across india, Rajya sabha

    Traffic Rules Get Stricter Across India 2019-08-01 11:57:26

    On Wednesday, the Rajya Sabha passed the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019, to revise the age-long motor vehicle law with the purpose of improving road safety, keeping corruption in regional Transport Office in check, raising penalties for traffic violations, and...

    Keywords: traffic rules in India, driving training process, driving training process, driving training process

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    Amit Shah, immigrants in India, illegal immigrants and infiltrators living in every inch of india will be identified deported amit shah, Rajya sabha

    Illegal Immigrants and Infiltrators Living in 'Every Inch of India' Will Be Identified & Deported: Amit Shah 2019-07-17 10:56:41

    Union Minister Amit Shah, in a bid to resolve the infiltration issue, today in Rajya Sabha reiterated his strong views against all illegal immigrants of this country. According to an ANI update, he has been quoted as saying, "We will...

    Keywords: immigrants in India, immigrants in India, immigrants in India, immigrants in India

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    article 370 problems, article 370 pdf, what is article 370 here s everything you need to know, Rajya sabha

    What Is Article 370? Here’s Everything You Need to Know 2019-08-05 07:42:59

    Amid ruckus in parliament and mounting tensions in Jammu and Kashmir, Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday scrapped Article 370 from Indian constitution. Now the state of Jammu and Kashmir will be bifurcated into two Union territories Jammu & Kashmir,...

    Keywords: article 370 upsc, misuse of article 370, article 370 in bengali, misuse of article 370

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    Monsoon Session of Parliament, monsoon session in parliament, monsoon session of parliament extended till august 7 reports, Rajya sabha

    Monsoon Session of Parliament Extended till August 7: Reports 2019-07-25 12:55:58

    The ongoing monsoon session of parliament will be extended till August 7, said reports. This means that the Parliament will be extended for two weeks than the original schedule as the rule says that if the session is extended by...

    Keywords: parliament monsoon session, Monsoon Session of Parliament, Monsoon Session of Parliament extended, parliament monsoon session

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