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  • China, India, india further gains 755 million in addition exports to us, Positive impact

    India further gains $755 million in addition exports to US 2019-11-07 05:59:10

    Following the constant bouts of trade wars that have been happening between US and China, India gained an amount of $755 million with the additional exports to US during the very first half of 2019. Some of the common components...

    Keywords: US, export, India, imports

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    December, Farmers. Farmers’ laws, farmers protest will get more serious post december 14 2020, Positive impact

    Farmers’ Protest Will Get More Serious Post-December 14 2020 2020-12-10 04:48:56

    After several rounds of discussions held by groups of protesters, leaders, political members, farmers groups and union ministers, there hasn’t been a plausible conclusion. The delayed sixth round table talk which was supposed to be held on Wednesday was supposed...

    Keywords: Central Government, Farmers. Farmers’ laws, Central Government, Farmers. Farmers’ laws

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    Glenmark, FabiSpray, glenmark launches nasal spray to treat coronavirus, Positive impact

    Glenmark launches Nasal Spray to Treat Coronavirus 2022-02-09 12:54:34

    Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited which is popularly known as Glenmark in association with a Canadian company SaNOtize Research and Development announced the launch of Nitric Oxide Nasal spray that can be used to treat coronavirus. The nasal spray is named FabiSpray...

    Keywords: FabiSpray to treat Covid-19, FabiSpray to treat Covid-19, FabiSpray release, FabiSpray for adults

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    weight loss, exercise, working out before breakfast has better health impacts study suggests, Positive impact

    Working Out Before Breakfast Has Better Health Impacts, Study Suggests 2019-10-21 08:47:20

    When it comes to exercising, people do have a settled confusion of when is the right time to do it. With so many options skirting around, it is possible that you can start with your routine anytime of the day....

    Keywords: insulin, heart disease, weight loss, diabetes

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    Union ministers, mobile internet, government to send 36 union ministers to j k in massive outreach, Positive impact

    Government to Send 36 Union Ministers to J&K in Massive Outreach 2020-01-16 09:52:35

    Jammu and Kashmir will be visited by a group of 36 union ministers in order to raise awareness about the ‘positive impact’ of the decision that has been made by the Modi government on August 5, 2019 regarding the Article...

    Keywords: January 19, Jammu and Kashmir, mobile internet, Union ministers

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    Farmers’ protest, Narendra Modi, bharat bandh live updates roads blocked trains stopped osmania uni exams canceled, Positive impact

    Bharat Bandh Live Updates - Roads Blocked, Trains Stopped, Osmania Uni Exams Canceled 2020-12-08 05:00:30

    The farmers protesting are observing a Bharat Bandh today, which is being supported by eminent personalities across the state, activists and is hosted by opposing parties across states in the country. The protest might end up bringing the nation to...

    Keywords: Farmers, Narendra Modi, farmers laws, Farmers

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