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  • Third wave of coronavirus latest updates, India, how to protect your children from covid 19, Pediatri

    How to protect your children from Covid-19 2021-06-30 06:55:29

    The ongoing coronavirus pandemic left scares across the globe. It is clear that the Covid-19 is here to stay. After we are done with the second wave of coronavirus, the experts warned of a possible third wave of coronavirus from...

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    Prime Minister's Office, Third Wave of Coronavirus research, prime minister s office receives an update about covid third wave, Pediatri

    Prime Minister's Office Receives an Update about Covid Third Wave 2021-08-23 06:06:38

    Several health experts and researchers predicted about the third wave of coronavirus in India which is expected to start during the last week of August and it is predicted to reach the peaks in October. A committee of experts from...

    Keywords: Third Wave of Coronavirus dates, Third Wave of Coronavirus, Third Wave of Coronavirus, Prime Minister's Office

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    Zain Nadella death, Zain Nadella dead, satya nadella s son passes away at 26, Pediatri

    Satya Nadella's Son Passes Away at 26 2022-03-01 10:05:51

    Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella's son Zain Nadella passed away on Monday morning at the age of 26. Microsoft Corp issued an official statement about the same. Zain was boring with cerebral palsy and the message asked their executives...

    Keywords: Satya Nadella breaking news, Zain Nadella dead, Satya Nadella breaking news, Satya Nadella news

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    Covid antibodies in Breast Milk published, covid antibodies, new study says covid antibodies found in mother s milk, Pediatri

    New Study Says Covid Antibodies Found in Mother's Milk 2021-11-15 13:06:32

    A recent small study said that the antibodies are found in the mother's breast milk to fight Covid-19. The mothers may be caught with coronavirus or received the coronavirus vaccine dose. The study was conducted on 77 mothers at the...

    Keywords: Covid antibodies in Breast Milk, Covid antibodies in Breast Milk, Covid antibodies in Breast Milk article, Covid antibodies in Breast Milk news

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    Sleep in Children disadvantages, Sleep in Children habits, fewer sleep hours in children can cause long term damage, Pediatri

    Fewer Sleep Hours In Children Can Cause Long-Term Damage 2022-08-01 14:36:10

    As per the recent study, children who are sleeping for less than nine hours will suffer in log term as it leads to cognitive impairment and mental problems along with causing less grey matter in the regions of the brain....

    Keywords: Sleep in Children habits, Sleep in Children news, Sleep in Children disadvantages, Sleep in Children

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    Coronavirus India, coronavirus india breaking news, 41 383 new coronavirus cases reported in india, Pediatri

    41,383 new Coronavirus cases reported in India 2021-07-22 06:46:48

    A total number of 41,383 new cases for coronavirus are reported in India in the last 24 hours as per the reports released by the Union Health Ministry taking the total coronavirus tally to reach 3,12,57,720. With 38,652 new recoveries...

    Keywords: coronavirus india breaking news, Coronavirus India tally, Coronavirus, Coronavirus cases

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