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  • Let's Encrypt certificate, Let's Encrypt September 30, millions of phones and smart tvs to lose internet from today, Older iphones

    Millions of Phones and Smart TVs to Lose Internet from Today 2021-09-30 10:44:48

    Millions of old electronic devices like iPhones, play stations, smart TVs and gaming consoles are expected to lose their internet connectivity from today. The internet blackout will take place as the digital certificate expires on September 30th. The expiry of...

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    apple founder, apple founder, apple ceo reveals why iphones are not selling in india, Older iphones

    Apple CEO Reveals Why iPhones Are Not Selling in India 2019-01-30 12:54:20

    Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said there are several factors why iPhone sales are not picking up in the emerging markets, although he skipped mentioning India directly during the company’s earnings call with analysts. "The customers are holding on...

    Keywords: tim cook, apple ceo salary, iphone in india, iphone in india

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    apple iphone price list with images, Foxconn, made in india iphones may get cheaper but won t be cheap for indians, Older iphones

    'Made in India' iPhones May Get Cheaper But Won't Be Cheap for Indians 2018-12-28 11:56:52

    It is a known reality that Apple had an unpleasant year in India, but assembling top-end iPhones locally through Foxconn might help the company gain some ground if only marginally.  Meanwhile, Apple has been getting well from its market share...

    Keywords: made in India iphones, iphone se, made in India, iphone se

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