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  • funding, covid-19, us likely to never restore who funds mike pompeo, Misinformation

    US likely to never restore WHO funds: Mike Pompeo 2020-04-24 05:02:53

    President Donald Trump recently announced temporary halt to the US funding to WHO citing that the organisation has been biased towards Chinese officials. This did ignite criticisms and a lot of constant to and fro among the Trump administration and...

    Keywords: funding, mike pompeo, mike pompeo, coronavirus

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    Russia, governments, facebook twitter take new measures to curb poll manipulations by state affiliated media, Misinformation

    Facebook, Twitter Take New Measures to Curb Poll Manipulations by State-Affiliated Media 2020-08-07 14:41:53

    The move comes amid concerns over campaigns by governments aiming influential elections and public sentiment in other countries through media outlets. Twitter and Facebook on Thursday have announced their moves to thwart the efforts by governments to deceive or divide...

    Keywords: Facebook, twitter, governments, Russia

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    363 registered cases, India Lockdown, mumbai registered 363 cases over unacceptable covid 19 posts, Misinformation

    Mumbai Registered 363 Cases Over Unacceptable COVID-19 Posts 2020-05-09 10:08:50

    The coronavirus pandemic has already created enough disturbance in every aspect of our lives that people are sharing rumors and wrong information on social media during the lockdown.On Saturday, Maharashtra Cyber registered 363 offences for rumor mongering, spreading misinformation, hatred...

    Keywords: COVID-19, Maharashtra Cyber Crime, India Lockdown, 363 registered cases

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    funding, funding, permanent freezing of who funding from us president trump threatens, Misinformation

    ‘Permanent freezing of WHO funding from US’, President Trump threatens 2020-05-20 14:28:53

    US President Donald Trump has again threatened World Health Organisation to completely and permanently halt their funding from US if they fail to not meet up with the substantive improvements in the coming 30 days.Trump addressed a letter to Tedros...

    Keywords: funding, Coronavirus, WHO, funding

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    Zoom against Jiomeet, Zoom lawsuit JioMeet, zoom india likely to take legal action against jiomeet, Misinformation

    Zoom India likely to take legal action against JioMeet: 2020-07-09 14:58:30

    Zoom which is a Video Conferencing app said that they are shocked by the resemblance between the two apps and are in discussing on taking legal actions against JioMeet. Zoom Video Communications India, which is a company that handles the...

    Keywords: Zoom against Jiomeet, Zoom lawsuit JioMeet, Zoom against Jiomeet, Zoom against Jiomeet

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    fake news, pandemic, how fake news is making the covid 19 pandemic worse and complicated, Misinformation

    How Fake News is making the COVID-19 pandemic worse and complicated? 2020-08-21 14:25:22

    The messages may or may not be powerful but they unnecessarily create some false sense of security and fear which is dangerous than the real COVID-19 pandemic.A juice made of Datura seeds has caused havoc in a family of Chittoor...

    Keywords: coronavirus, coronavirus, COVID-19, fake news

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