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  • Stress, Stress, aging gracefully, Mental stress

    Aging Gracefully 2019-08-24 10:46:53

    Aging gracefully is a blessing. In the present time, life is so busy and hectic that each and every one of us is burdened with mental stress and body tension. Stress is the major cause of feeling and making us...

    Keywords: Aging, Pranayam, Aging, Stress

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    communication, independent, right balance in a relationship help for a stronger bond, Mental stress

    Right Balance in a Relationship Help for a Stronger Bond 2020-01-04 10:18:14

    Just like the way balanced diet keeps us healthier physically, balance in a relationship helps for a healthy mental health! The initial stages of being in a relationship are filled with flowers and love as we dedicate and commit all...

    Keywords: communication, strong bond, independent, communication

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    Rosemary, Citrus, scents that help you stay awake and feel energized, Mental stress

    Scents That Help You Stay Awake and Feel Energized 2019-12-14 11:34:05

    Just like the way Lavender helps to drift off to sleep, there are few aromas sniffing on to which helps you to wake up and feel energized. Try looking out for shampoos, lotions, body washes that contain the particular scent...

    Keywords: Scents, Scents, Coffee, Citrus

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    Covid-19 side effects latest, Covid-19 side effects latest, covid 19 pandemic triggers 25 increase in depression, Mental stress

    COVID-19 Pandemic Triggers 25% Increase In Depression 2022-03-09 13:03:39

    The coronavirus pandemic shattered several lives across the globe. Most of the recovered people have been suffering from post-Covid impacts. As per the recent study, 25 percent of the people who got tested positive for Covid-19 and recovered are now...

    Keywords: Covid-19 side effects depression, Covid-19 side effects WHO, Covid-19 side effects breaking news, Coronavirus

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    suicide prevention day 2017 theme, why to people commit suicide, world suicide prevention day 7 causes of suicide you didn t know, Mental stress

    World Suicide Prevention Day: 7 Causes of Suicide You Didn’t Know 2019-09-10 09:45:17

    September 10 is observed as World Suicide Prevention Day across the globe every year in order to provide commitment and action to prevent suicides. Every day we light upon a number of suicidal deaths but every time we pay little...

    Keywords: international day of peace, why to people commit suicide, causes of suicide, why to people commit suicide

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    family, survive in family reunions, tips to survive awkward family reunions, Mental stress

    Tips to Survive Awkward Family Reunions 2018-11-27 12:40:26

    A Family reunion can be both ecstatic and stressful time simultaneously since rare is the family gathering where none of the irksome questions is asked. Some say our relatives just ask us out of concern, or because they have nothing...

    Keywords: family, Family Reunions, family, tips for family reunions

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