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  • India Lockdown, Unacceptable facebook posts, mumbai registered 363 cases over unacceptable covid 19 posts, India lockdown

    Mumbai Registered 363 Cases Over Unacceptable COVID-19 Posts 2020-05-09 10:08:50

    The coronavirus pandemic has already created enough disturbance in every aspect of our lives that people are sharing rumors and wrong information on social media during the lockdown.On Saturday, Maharashtra Cyber registered 363 offences for rumor mongering, spreading misinformation, hatred...

    Keywords: Unacceptable facebook posts, COVID-19, India Lockdown, Maharashtra Cyber Crime

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    Coronavirus spread, migrant workers, recent updates show coronavirus is spreading faster what is the impact of lockdown on india, India lockdown

    Recent Updates Show Coronavirus is Spreading Faster- What Is the Impact of Lockdown on India? 2020-05-11 13:00:10

    In between the lockdown period of April 17-26, around 42 districts are reported with new COVID-19 positive cases. Then how did the lockdown help India in stopping coronavirus spread? Lockdown couldn't stop coronavirus but made a difference in other ways....

    Keywords: COVID-19 Cases, Coronavirus spread, migrant workers, India Lockdown

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