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  • Jay Shah, Gautam Gambhir for Team India, gautam gambhir appointed as team india s coach, Guide

    Gautam Gambhir appointed as Team India's Coach 2024-07-10 14:50:46

    Gautam Gambhir has been selected as the new head coach for India's senior men's cricket team, as announced by BCCI secretary Jay Shah on Tuesday (July 9). The 42-year-old's first assignment will be the upcoming tour of Sri Lanka, which...

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    Samantha Vs The Liver Doc, Samantha Vs The Liver Doc news, samantha s tussle with the liver doc, Guide

    Samantha's tussle with The Liver Doc 2024-07-06 07:40:41

    The renowned Dr. Cyriac Abby Philips, known as "The Liver Doc," has once more strongly criticized Samantha Ruth Prabhu, accusing her of playing the "victim" role. The doctor, who previously condemned the actress for endorsing the use of hydrogen peroxide...

    Keywords: Samantha Vs The Liver Doc on Twitter, Cyriac Abby Philips, Samantha Vs The Liver Doc updates, Samantha Vs The Liver Doc

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    Physically Inactive Men and Women from WHO, Physically Inactive Men and Women in India, who reveals statistics of physically inactive men and women, Guide

    WHO reveals statistics of Physically Inactive Men and Women 2024-06-28 14:35:21

    The latest data from the World Health Organization shows that half of India's population is physically inactive and women's activity levels are lower than men's. Worrying trends show that globally 31% of adults are not physically active, but in India...

    Keywords: Physically Inactive Men and Women, Physically Inactive Men and Women in India, WHO, Physically Inactive Men and Women latest

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    Tablets, Tablets, choice convertible laptops vs tablets, Guide

    Choice: Convertible Laptops vs Tablets 2024-06-28 06:27:03

    Change is the only constant in our technologically diverse world and the boundaries between different devices are increasingly blurring. This is especially true when comparing convertible laptops and tablets. Both laptops and convertible tablets offer a portable computing experience, but...

    Keywords: Convertible Laptops vs Tablets preference, Convertible Laptops vs Tablets latest, Convertible Laptops vs Tablets pros, Convertible Laptops vs Tablets comparison

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    BCCI Retention Policy new rules, BCCI Retention Policy for IPL 2025, ipl 2025 bcci begins finalizing retention policy, Guide

    IPL 2025: BCCI Begins Finalizing Retention Policy 2024-07-04 05:58:58

    The BCCI is preparing the player retention guidelines for the upcoming IPL mega auction, and franchises have sought an increase in the number of retentions allowed. While opinions among the 10 teams vary, most have asked for more player retention...

    Keywords: IPL 2025 breaking, BCCI Retention Policy updates, BCCI Retention Policy steps, BCCI Retention Policy new rules

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    Space X NASA in space, Space X NASA news, elon musk s space x to help nasa, Guide

    Elon Musk's Space X to help NASA 2024-06-27 14:34:06

    NASA has announced that it has chosen SpaceX to construct a spacecraft to safely guide the International Space Station back through Earth's atmosphere and into the Pacific Ocean after its retirement in 2030. Elon Musk's company has been awarded a...

    Keywords: Elon Musk, Space X NASA latest breaking, Space X NASA updates, Space X NASA news

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