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  • women CEOs, male ceos, women ceo s more likely to get fired than male study, Gender bias

    Women CEO's More Likely to Get Fired Than Male: Study 2018-12-01 11:36:19

    The number of women leading companies has grown remarkably, yet, a new study has found that women Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are to a greater extent likely than male CEOs to be fired, even if they perform well. The study,...

    Keywords: male ceos, gender bias in companies, women in companies, associate professor

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    Sania Mirza, BabyMirzaMalik, sania mirza shoaib malik blessed with a baby boy, Gender bias

    Sania Mirza, Shoaib Malik Blessed with a Baby Boy 2018-10-30 05:16:11

    Indian tennis star Sania Mirza and Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik have become proud parents to a baby boy.The news broke after Malik tweeted about the arrival of the baby on Tuesday morning, saying: "Excited to announce: It's a boy, and...

    Keywords: baby, Twitter, Pakistan, India

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    Indian origin, Zeya, uzra zeya quits u s state dept over racist gender bias, Gender bias

    Uzra Zeya Quits U.S. State Dept. Over Racist, Gender Bias 2018-09-25 05:36:30

    An Indian-American diplomat Uzra Zeya has quit the U.S. state department alleging sexist and racial discrimination in a Trump administration trend that she says involves "the exclusion of minorities from top leadership positions in the state department and embassies abroad".After...

    Keywords: racism in US, US state department, Obama era, Gender Bias

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    why Artifical Intelligence can be racist and sexist, Indian-origin news, indian origin scientist discovers why artifical intelligence can be racist and sexist, Gender bias

    Indian-origin scientist discovers, why Artifical Intelligence can be racist and sexist 2017-04-15 11:34:35

    An Indian-origin scientist, along with a team of scientists have found that ‘Artificial Intelligence systems’ can acquire cultural, racial or gender biases, when trained with ordinary human language that are available online. Many experts think that new artificial intelligence systems...

    Keywords: Indian-origin news, Indian-origin news, Indian-origin news, Indian-origin scientist discovers

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    oracle headquarters, oracle careers, oracle in u s paid indians 25 less than whites, Gender bias

    Oracle in U.S. Paid Indians 25% Less Than Whites 2019-01-24 12:46:00

    The United States Department of Labor found technology giant Oracle guilty of underpaying some of its employees, including Americans especially women and people of African American and Hispanic origin. Indians were among those who were in part beneficiaries of the...

    Keywords: oracle company in US, what is oracle, Oracle discrimination, oracle careers

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    Parker Posey with Salma Hayek, Salma Hayek on wages for woman actors., salma hayek speaks on pay variation in industry, Gender bias

    Salma Hayek Speaks on pay variation in Industry 2015-05-19 04:34:14

    Hollywood actress, director and producer, Salma Hayek, has spoken about the conditions prevailing in the industry and she dared to say that women actors can get higher pay than male stars only in adult movies. While speaking at a U.N....

    Keywords: Cannes Film Festival and Salma Hayek, Parker Posey with Salma Hayek, Salma Hayek on pays in Industry, Salma Hayek on wages for woman actors.

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