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  • Lowest Cases recorded by India, Lowest Cases recorded by India, lowest covid 19 cases recorded by india in the last 4 months, Fatality rate

    Lowest COVID-19 Cases Recorded By India In The Last 4 Months 2020-11-16 07:13:54

    On Monday, Union Health Ministry has updated data of India's COVID-19 cases being 88,45,127 with 30,548 infections being reported in a day. The number of people recovered from the disease were around 82,49,579.For the sixth consecutive day, the number of...

    Keywords: Indian Council of Medical Research, Indian Council of Medical Research, covid-19 fatality rate, Lowest Cases recorded by India

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    mucormycosis breaking news, mucormycosis breaking news, black fungus declared as an epidemic, Fatality rate

    Black Fungus declared as an Epidemic 2021-05-21 07:29:05

    When the country is shattered due to the coronavirus pandemic, the black fungus turned out to be a new threat. Black fungus or mucormycosis is now declared as an epidemic in four Indian states. mucormycosis is caused due to fungi...

    Keywords: mucormycosis breaking news, mucormycosis latest, mucormycosis health updates, mucormycosis latest

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    Black Fungus, Black Fungus Vs White Fungus news, why is black fungus more dangerous than white fungus, Fatality rate

    Why is Black Fungus more dangerous than White Fungus? 2021-05-22 07:40:26

    When the country is battling badly with coronavirus, the cases of black fungus and white fungus are witnessing a huge rise. Several states reported cases of white fungus and black fungus. The white fungus which is also known as Aspergillosis...

    Keywords: Black Fungus symptoms, Black Fungus latest news, Black Fungus updates, Black Fungus Vs White Fungus updates

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    Coronavirus India daily tally, Coronavirus, more infectious delta variant behind second wave of coronavirus, Fatality rate

    More infectious Delta variant behind second wave of Coronavirus 2021-06-05 05:52:57

    The Indian strain of coronavirus which is called B.1.617.2 or Delta is named as one of the dangerous variants among the existing strains. A study said that Delta is more infectious than B.1.17 or Alpha variant that was detected in...

    Keywords: Coronavirus, coronavirus new cases, Coronavirus, coronavirus new cases

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    cases, cases, india s covid 19 update 30 254 new cases 391 deaths, Fatality rate

    India's COVID -19 Update: 30,254 New Cases, 391 Deaths 2020-12-14 07:08:22

    The number of people who were victims to the virus were 93,57,494 citizens all over the country. The toll is rising and the recovery rate has dropped to 94.9% according to the Union Health Ministry data uploaded on Sunday. The...

    Keywords: co morbid, co morbid, deaths, co morbid

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    states, pandemic, did india hit the second wave of the covid 19 pandemic yet, Fatality rate

    Did India hit the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic yet? 2020-09-01 12:36:22

    What is the second wave of coronavirus? Did India reach the second wave with the highest number of daily cases for the last four days? Read the explanation here. Pandemics, at any scale, are generally known to affect the population...

    Keywords: states, COVID-19, states, states

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