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  • Phoenix, Phoenix, us president trump slams bloomberg at phoenix rally, Fake news

    US President Trump slams Bloomberg at Phoenix Rally 2020-02-20 05:23:09

    The President of United States Donald Trump had taken shots at a fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg, at a rally in Phoenix. It was during the same time when the for mayor of New York was in Las Vegas, taking fire...

    Keywords: Bloomberg, rally, Arizona, Bloomberg

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    Unacceptable facebook posts, Unacceptable facebook posts, mumbai registered 363 cases over unacceptable covid 19 posts, Fake news

    Mumbai Registered 363 Cases Over Unacceptable COVID-19 Posts 2020-05-09 10:08:50

    The coronavirus pandemic has already created enough disturbance in every aspect of our lives that people are sharing rumors and wrong information on social media during the lockdown.On Saturday, Maharashtra Cyber registered 363 offences for rumor mongering, spreading misinformation, hatred...

    Keywords: 363 registered cases, Maharashtra Cyber Crime, Maharashtra Cyber Crime, Unacceptable facebook posts

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    WhatApp’s campaign in India, WhatApp’s campaign in India, whatsapp has launched its first ever brand campaign in india called it s between you, Fake news

    WhatsApp has launched its first ever brand campaign in India called ‘It’s Between You’ 2020-07-04 14:03:01

    WhatsApp has launched its first brand campaign in India in collaboration with Bollywood director GauriShinde and BBDO India to create two 60-second ads that highlight how its features like texts, video calls or even a voice message (which is end-to-end...

    Keywords: WhatApp’s campaign in India, WhatApp’s campaign in India, WhatApp’s campaign in India, WhatApp’s campaign in India

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    Vijay Devarakonda gossip portal, Vijay Devarakonda news, tollywood celebrities steps out to support vijay devarakonda, Fake news

    Tollywood Celebrities Steps Out To Support Vijay Devarakonda 2020-05-05 06:30:10

    Tollywood young sensation Vijay Devarakonda was left disturbed after a gossip news portal of Telugu started spreading fake news about the actor. He is said to have floated 'Middle Class Fund' through which he is helping several families and providing...

    Keywords: Vijay Devarakonda fake portal, Vijay Devarakonda updates, Vijay Devarakonda, Vijay Devarakonda fake portal

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    Tamil Nadu restaurant, Madurai restaurant, restaurant in tamil nadu makes mask shaped parottas, Fake news

    Restaurant in Tamil Nadu makes mask shaped Parottas 2020-07-08 16:00:09

    A restaurant in Madurai has extended its love for parotta into the realm of creating awareness about COVID-19, by making parottas in the shape of masks. The outbreak of the pandemic called Coronavirus has taken a toll in several countries...

    Keywords: Madurai restaurant, Madurai restaurant, Madurai restaurant, Tamil Nadu restaurant

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    COVID-19, fake news, how fake news is making the covid 19 pandemic worse and complicated, Fake news

    How Fake News is making the COVID-19 pandemic worse and complicated? 2020-08-21 14:25:22

    The messages may or may not be powerful but they unnecessarily create some false sense of security and fear which is dangerous than the real COVID-19 pandemic.A juice made of Datura seeds has caused havoc in a family of Chittoor...

    Keywords: pandemic, coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic

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