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  • facebook losing popularity 2018, who uses facebook, aged people shared fake news on facebook mostly in 2016 race study, Facebook messenger

    Aged People Shared Fake News on Facebook Mostly in 2016 Race: Study 2019-01-11 07:08:36

    During United States Presidential Election 2016, sharing of fake news on Facebook was ungovernable and a study has found that people of age group 65 and older were more active in spreading fake news, compared to other age groups. The...

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    facebook duping, how to report a seller on facebook, american citizen dupes indian woman of 2 28 lakh via facebook, Facebook messenger

    American Citizen Dupes Indian Woman of ₹2.28 Lakh via Facebook 2019-01-07 09:15:03

    An American citizen has duped Indian Jamshedpur-based woman of INR 2.28 lakh through Facebook. According to police, the woman was childless, and the Facebook 'friend' assured to give his daughter to her. However, the money she gave was not for...

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    whatsapp down, Instagram, whatsapp facebook instagram faces outage across globe triggers fury on twitter, Facebook messenger

    WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram Faces outage Across Globe, Triggers Fury on Twitter 2019-03-14 05:27:14

    Popular instant messaging application WhatsApp, social media giant Facebook and photo-sharing app Instagram on Thursday continues to suffer service outage for the second day in some parts of the world, including India. Facebook’s messaging app Messenger is also down in...

    Keywords: Instagram, does facebook own pinterest, does facebook own pinterest, facebook not working

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    messenger dark mode emoji., messenger dark mode emoji., here s how you can enable dark mode in facebook messenger app, Facebook messenger

    Here’s How You Can Enable Dark Mode In Facebook Messenger App 2019-03-05 13:19:07

    Facebook announced Dark Mode for Messenger App long back, and this past weekend, the company allowed users to unlock the feature with a crescent moon emoji. Now, the social media giant has officially announced the feature of Dark Mode on its...

    Keywords: messenger dark mode emoji., facebook feature, facebook dark mode, messenger dark mode

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    facebook lit, facebook downloa, facebook to integrate whatsapp instagram and messenger, Facebook messenger

    Facebook to Integrate WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger 2019-01-28 05:26:05

    The social media giant Facebook is currently working towards the integration of its chat services to allow users to message each other across platforms. The three Facebook-owned apps - WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram - will support end-to-end encryption but Facebook is...

    Keywords: instagram, WhatsApp, facebook owned apps, facebook sign I

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    FB Messenger new feature, Facebook Messenger, users can now remove sent messages on facebook messenger, Facebook messenger

    Users Can Now Remove Sent Messages on Facebook Messenger 2019-02-06 14:10:46

    Facebook Messenger is finally rolling out a new feature where users can now remove sent messages which they have sent. Facebook has announced that the new feature is now rolling out to users who are using the latest version of...

    Keywords: New feature in Messenger, Delete messages, New feature in Messenger, New feature in Messenger

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