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  • Wear your bifocals in style, The Movies|Ryan Gosling|Mei Ling| Alexa Chung, wear your bifocals in style, Eyeglasses

    Wear your bifocals in style! 2013-08-30 10:57:33

    You are what you wear seems to be the trending fashion mantra these days! With everything, right from your outfit to your accessories taking the main stage, it has become doubly important that you choose your stuff wisely. Coming to...

    Keywords: Wear your bifocals in style, The Movies|Ryan Gosling|Mei Ling| Alexa Chung, Wear your bifocals in style, The Movies|Ryan Gosling|Mei Ling| Alexa Chung

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    Police, Seattle Top Story, seattle company offers free body cameras for police, Eyeglasses

    Seattle Company Offers Free Body Cameras For Police 2017-04-06 14:04:16

    The company best-known for creating the Taser announced a deal on Wednesday that could potentially push the police agencies considering outfitting officers with the body cameras over the edge. Axon, the company formerly known as the Taser, is offering the...

    Keywords: Seattle Top Story, Axon, Seattle Top Story, Seattle Top Story

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    red tape, NRI Sajen Parayil, nri suicide in kerala over red tape highlights returning expat problems, Eyeglasses

    NRI Suicide in Kerala over Red Tape Highlights Returning Expat Problems 2019-07-16 10:39:05

    The recent suicide by a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) businessman in Kerala has highlighted the stumbling blocks faced by Indian expats returning home after working abroad for many years. From corruption to self-serving political parties and politicians, there are various matters...

    Keywords: returning NRIs problems, returning NRIs, Kerala, Sajen Parayil

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    China, COVID-19, wearing glasses can reduce the risk of covid 19 study, Eyeglasses

    Wearing Glasses Can Reduce The Risk Of COVID-19: Study 2020-09-19 08:47:03

    A study finds that wearing glasses can prevent COVID-19. Should start wearing them? What do the experts say? As scientists and health experts have expedited their vaccine trials across the globe on one side, many studies and surveys are being...

    Keywords: China, study, eyeglasses, study

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    computer ergonomics, proper sitting posture at computer, bad posture during computer use leads to back pain, Eyeglasses

    Bad Posture During Computer Use Leads to Back Pain 2019-01-07 05:45:59

    Do you suffer from a headache or neck and pain in your back from computer work from time to time? In that case, checking your posture possibly will help, researchers say. Sitting at a computer with jutting head forward to...

    Keywords: computer ergonomics, health and safety risks of using a computer, injury to backbones, computer use

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