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  • rotten tooth, Dont let your teeth rot, don t let your teeth rot, Dental health

    Don't let your teeth rot 2014-02-28 07:15:09

    Rotting, stinky, yellow teeth isn't just a major turn off, but a grave health concern too. And although you might think you know everything there is to know about cavity and oral care, you'd be surprised to learn certain facts...

    Keywords: rotten tooth, cavity remedies, cavity remedies, tooth decay

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    health news, oral care, three ways you are damaging your teeth, Dental health

    Three ways you are damaging your teeth 2014-04-10 07:08:20

    You only get a set of pearly whites, and repair almost always costs twice the amount of prevention. So, it's important to be kind to your teeth and take care of it the right way. Today we discuss some of...

    Keywords: Three ways you are damaging your teeth, Three ways you are damaging your teeth, health news, dental health

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    dental health, teeth, never brush your teeth after meals, Dental health

    Never brush your teeth after meals 2013-09-12 10:21:18

    Can there ever be a bad time to brush your teeth? Well, if dentists opinion counts, then brushing teeth soon after meals can do more harm than good to your dentition. Rather, brush your teeth before meals, they say! Brushing...

    Keywords: dental health, Never brush your teeth after meals, flossing, Never brush your teeth after meals

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    benefits of cheese, health benefits of cheese, 5 amazing health benefits of cheese, Dental health

    5 Amazing Health Benefits of Cheese 2019-06-04 07:36:39

    Are you a person who loves Cheese? In that case, you must have up till now heard people saying it is unhealthy. But least they know the bang-up benefits this dairy product has. The benefits of cheese may outweigh some...

    Keywords: health benefits of cheese, harmful effects of cheese, amul cheese benefits, cheese nutrition

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    Don't go mental over dental, Tooth Decay, don t go mental over dental, Dental health

    Don't go mental over dental 2013-10-26 09:10:17

    Are you going metal over dental? If so, it's time to pay heed to the first sign of tooth decaying. You never know, a visit to the dentist in time might just help you save your teeth. Demineralisation is one...

    Keywords: Dental Health, Dental Health, Dental Health, Don't go mental over dental

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    Teeth Stains, Bad breath Painful, tips for mouth problems, Dental health

    Tips for mouth problems 2014-10-25 06:09:57

    The "Mouth", it can destroy your day if it is not given proper care, after taking care also still are you suffering from mouth problem, well not to worry here are few problems of mouth and remidies to cure and...

    Keywords: Burned Roof of Your Mouth, Bleeding Gums, Teeth Stains, Teeth Stains

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