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  • Dengue India Centre, Dengue news, centre rushes teams to 9 states after dengue outbreak, Dengue outbreak

    Centre Rushes Teams To 9 States After Dengue Outbreak 2021-11-03 10:46:17

    India is yet to recover completely from the coronavirus pandemic. The current season saw a huge rise in the cases of viral fever and dengue. The Union Health Ministry sent special expert teams to nine states and union territories as...

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    Dengue cases, Dengue cases, dengue outbreak in delhi this year, Dengue outbreak

    Dengue Outbreak In Delhi This Year? 2015-07-31 07:42:35

    This year, between February and July 40 dengue cases were recorded in Delhi. As this is not considered as the peak season for the disease to record so many cases, the fear of Dengue outbreak this year is spreading in...

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    Bangladesh health updates, highest 2023 dengue cases, bangladesh dengue outbreak death toll crosses 1000, Dengue outbreak

    Bangladesh Dengue Outbreak: Death Toll Crosses 1000 2023-10-03 14:19:22

    The worst Dengue outbreak is creating tremors in Bangladesh. Nearly 209,000 infections have been reported in 2023. Bangladesh hospitals are struggling to accommodate patients suffering from dengue and the infection is spreading rapidly in the densely populated country. As per...

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