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  • Coronavirus cure, Coronavirus cure, status of covid 19 vaccine trials happening all around the world, Clinical trials

    Status of Covid-19 Vaccine trials happening all around the world: 2020-06-24 15:23:12

    There are over 140 candidates in countries around the world who have been consistently involved in making the one vaccine which can cure the disease coronavirus. The world is going through a global health crisis called the Covid-19. The novel...

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    COVID-19, vaccine, india all set to launch first covid 19 vaccine by august 15, Clinical trials

    India all-set to launch first COVID-19 vaccine by August 15 2020-07-04 09:22:25

    The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) on Friday announced its plan to launch a vaccine for COVID-19 by August 15. Here are some of the important updates. A few days ago, ICMR along with Bharat Bio tech has launched...

    Keywords: Covaxin, vaccine, vaccine, COVID-19

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    AYUSH, Ramdev, ayush ministry bans promotion of patanjali s covid drug coronil ramdev baba reacts, Clinical trials

    AYUSH Ministry Bans Promotion of Patanjali’s COVID Drug “Coronil”, Ramdev Baba Reacts 2020-06-24 05:37:41

    Patanjali has launched the Ayurved-based COVID cure ‘coronil’ on Tuesday. While Ramdev Baba asserted its effectiveness, the government has banned the drug seeking a detailed report from the company about its composition. Ramdev says “Just a communication gap”. Just hours...

    Keywords: COVID-19, COVID-19, COVID-19, COVID-19

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    Patanjali Covid-19 cure, Patanjali Covid-19 cure, rajasthan minister warns everyone of selling ramdev s covid 19 medicine says will face action, Clinical trials

    Rajasthan minister warns everyone of selling Ramdev’s Covid-19 medicine, says will face action: 2020-06-26 14:51:00

    Rajasthan Health minister, Raghu Sharma has said that anyone found selling Patanjali’s Covid-19 medicine will face actions.While the whole world has been working tirelessly to come up with a cure for the deadly coronavirus, scientist from the around the world...

    Keywords: Patanjali Covid-19 cure, Patanjali Covid-19 cure, Patanjali Covid-19 cure, Patanjali Covid-19 cure

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    Ayurveda Coronil, Government and Patanjali, govt bans all advertisement on patanjali s covid drug ramdev says it s just a communication gap, Clinical trials

    Govt. bans all advertisement on Patanjali’s Covid drug; Ramdev says it’s just a communication gap 2020-06-24 06:28:42

    Patanjali had launched its Covid-19 drug claiming 100% result on Tuesday and on the same day comes under the government scanner for not providing any information related to the research. Ayush ministry has thus banned all the advertisement for the...

    Keywords: Government and Patanjali, Government and Patanjali, Ayurveda Coronil, Government and Patanjali

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    WHO, coronavirus, covid 19 vaccine likely by 2021 who, Clinical trials

    COVID-19 vaccine likely by 2021: WHO 2020-07-07 15:26:18

    At least 1 of the 150 coronavirus vaccines that are undergoing tests would be ready for use by 2021 according to WHO Chief Scientist, Sowmya Swaminathan. As per sources from WHO, vaccines for COVID-19 usually undergo three rounds of testing....

    Keywords: vaccine, COVID-19, vaccine, COVID-19

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