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  • great way to start your day, morning habits, three bad morning habits that can kill your day, Bad habits

    Three bad morning habits that can kill your day 2014-06-07 10:35:13

    Believe it or not, there are a wad of things that can make for a less-than-ideal morning like getting stuck in a bad traffic jam or a sudden downpour. While there are things that you can't help, there are other...

    Keywords: great way to start your day, how to have a good day, coffee and health, coffee and health

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    how to lose weight, how to lose weight, dinner habits that are making you fat, Bad habits

    Dinner habits that are making you fat 2014-08-02 11:54:02

    When it comes to weight - loss or gain - every meal counts! However, it's dinner that poses as the maximum risk to your fitness and weight. Ask why? That is because dinners are likely to be the most indulgent...

    Keywords: weight gain, weight gain habits, bad weight gain habits, how to lose weight

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    cortisol, hormone imbalance causes, habits that wrecks your hormones, Bad habits

    Habits that wrecks your hormones 2014-06-25 10:23:06

    There are time when you feel all whacky and weird and have no idea why? Well, to begin with, know that for the most part, it's your crazy hormones at work. These chemical messengers spurting inside you pretty much rule...

    Keywords: hormone imbalance causes, hormone imbalance causes, bad habits that cause hormone imbalance, cortisol

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    Bad habits, health, bad habits that you need to ditch in 2019, Bad habits

    Bad Habits That You Need To Ditch In 2019 2019-11-01 06:55:21

    When it comes round to our habits, there are several things that we do wrong. Not only do these have direct impacts on our health, they have also been found to affect your well being in the long run. If...

    Keywords: Bad habits, health, health, 2019

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    EverQuote, EverQuote, connecticut drivers rank near bottom, Bad habits

    Connecticut Drivers Rank Near Bottom 2017-05-01 10:41:13

    According to a recent report released by the EverQuote, Connecticut ranks the bottom of the list for safe driving. The study ranks Connecticut at 49 and the only drivers ranked worse are those in Rhode Island. The report states that...

    Keywords: Connecticut news, Connecticut news, EverQuote, Drivers in Connecticut

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    motherhood, post-pregnancy, post pregnancy recovery for moms who just gave birth, Bad habits

    Post pregnancy- recovery for moms who just gave birth 2020-12-23 10:56:57

    Motherhood is a phase that every woman loves and cherishes along the way of her life. Even with the complications all along and a painful delivery later, you will find mothers content and happy when they get to hold their...

    Keywords: post-pregnancy, advise, pregnancy, pregnancy

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