5 Unsung Destroyers Of Your Married LifeMarriage and Relationships

October 01, 2019 12:21
5 Unsung Destroyers Of Your Married Life

So, you got married and while the initial days of your married life have been nothing but amazing, the same seems to be changing constantly. If that is something you are struggling with, it is important that you find what’s causing the problems in the first place. Often times, the issues are left hidden, without you even knowing about them.

If you want to salvage what’s left of your marriage, identifying these shortcomings can get the deed done.

Problems that could be affecting your married life

Marriage isn’t that easy as it looks. Even if you have the perfect partner, chances are that you might not be the perfect one in the relationship. Such cases often end up causing issues that drag out and make it harder for you to understand what the exact issue is.

Let us take a look at some of the common issues that married people face that affect their relationships, shall we?

Lack of communication

If you find your partner not responding or talking to you, there is only so much that you can interpret on your own. It is very important that you establish a proper communication channel so you know that you both are on the same page. Even if you don’t like to talk much, having the basic clarifications in terms of communication is a necessity in the relationship. If you don’t tell your partner what is causing the constant distress in you, chances are that the same will affect your relationship in the long run. Change that as soon as possible.

Constant criticism

We are all leading a very hectic life, experience criticism in our work place from time to time. The last thing that your partner or even you need is to be criticized after coming home as well. This is the primary reason why it is important to abstain yourself from pointing out every single problem that you have been having with your partner’s habits. If you find their wet towel on the bed, try and keep it aside yourself, it isn’t the end of the world. There could be a number of things that your partner could be going through. If you constant critique them, chances are that they will get irritated at some point.

Lack of time

You married a person to spend the rest of your life with them. How do you expect for it to go smoothly if you don’t even give your basic few hours from the day to them? If you want your partner to not go berserk with your attitude and behaviour, it is necessary and important that you give them time. And no, by time, we aren’t suggesting you spend every last minute of your day with them. It is possible that even your partner is busy but try and surprise each other with small special dates, take them out. Spend some time together. It is always the lack of time that causes the ruckus in the first place.

Lack of sexual satisfaction

As much as someone would say that sex in marriage is secondary, for the most part it isn’t. It is just as important. It is necessary that you understand whether your partner is satisfied in bed or not. If not, talk to them and clarify whether the problem can be salvaged. Sexual differences are common in relationships. Some things that you may like in the bedroom, your partner might not. Don’t let that affect your marriage though. Talk to them if needed.

Lack of prioritization

Yet another one of the factors that does end up causing problems in marriage is when there is a lack of prioritization. Every single one of us have a life outside of marriage. That is true but that doesn’t mean your partner takes a backseat when it comes to prioritizing things. If you are planning something with your partner and an event with your friends come up on the same day, you need to prioritize better. The lack of prioritization can make your partner feel inferior and even make them feel jealous of the other people or person you are choosing them over.

Having a happy married life is possible when you identify the flaws and rectify them. Nobody is perfect, but you definitely do learn along the way and that is completely good enough.

By Somapika Dutta

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