Wedding time for you?Women

March 27, 2012 13:05
Wedding time for you?

The entire April month is full of weddings… forget about the bride, she has to be beautiful at any cost… but, what is even more important is that we should be our best in every wedding we appear… let us find out what would be the best way to choose a wedding dress for us… of course, our beauty is no less than a bride for that matter;

The day a girl is born her parents start thinking about the day she would be wedded away. The day the girl herself is big enough to understand what wedding is she starts dreaming about how she would walk up the platform wearing a Bridal Saree, where she will be welcomed by the groom. The wedding day is the most important one in everyone’s life. This is the day when your dreams of love and life are about to become a reality. So, if you want to look magnificent, keep the following things in mind when choosing the perfect wedding dress for your special day.

First of all, the fabrics must be chosen as per the season and the weather conditions of the place you are getting married at. The fabrics should be such that do not make you uneasy or uncomfortable, and also give an elegant look to you. Also choose the dress well in advance, so that if it requires any changes as per your choice, then it can be done, beforehand.

On the weddings, normally lehenga or ghagracholi or salwarkameez is widely worn by the ladies. And if not these then the most common wear are the traditional sarees. Other saris are also worn depending on the season. Traditional sarees vary from state to state and also the styles in which they are draped also vary. The south Indian sarees are the one that are too common in the regions they are manufactured in, but they are worn all over the country as they give a rich and an elegant look.

Lehenga or ghagracholi or salwarkameez are easy to be carried and are available in all price ranges. Also, they are available in plenty of fabrics to choose from. So, whichever is comfortable for you and suits your body structure you can choose from that. These are worn by the girls from all age groups. Now-a-days, one can also get the readymade saris that are easy for those who are not so learned in art of draping saris. In order to choose whether lehenga suits you the best or ghagracholi or traditional sarees, try all of them and seek advice of your friend.

If you have decided to wear saree then try the south Indian sarees as they are a bit easy to carry after they are properly draped. The fabrics with which the south Indian sarees are made, is such that it is set as it is and one does not need to take care about arranging it ever now and then.

One of the important things that you need to wear a saree and not with salwarkameez, is the blouse. Most of the times blouse is available with the saree so that it is a perfect match and you do not have to look for the fabrics to match the saree. You can simply go to your tailor and ask her to stitch you a designer blouse, to look the best on the wedding.

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