Love is something that tells new in person!Relationship

April 18, 2015 14:11
Love is something that tells new in person!},{Love is something that tells new in person!

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There are many opinions on the special relationship called ‘Love’, which changes or alters the attitude of the person. The love can be anything which tells the person about him or her in a different approach. The trust in the relationship enables both the partners to have higher standards in life without major deviation from any one, who is important for them.

Love caters greatest service to the human beings in realizing the true nature in them. The truth could be tasty or bitter, but realization empowers the person to achieve their goals and standards. Sometimes the love leaves you in desert, but bringing the life up to that situation is certainly a sin and blunder.

According to Andre Breton, “Love is when you meet someone who tells you something new about yourself.” Means the true lover identifies the real and hidden fact about you. The exploration could take minutes or days or years but the moment your love brings the rainbow feeling in you.

We must be grateful to those who recognizes and explores the potential and keeps us happy. Having natural approach with the love gives much relaxation and greater confidence in you. We should keep all the negatives and worries aside to live happy with love and with our own belongings like family, aspirations, friends, and future.


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