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October 17, 2014 19:04
How to move on after break up},{How to move on after break up

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Breakup are difficult for most people, especially if it was a long-term relationship. People enter into a relationship knowing that it may have a fairytale end or it may end with heartbreak. Yet when there is a break up, most people find it difficult to cope. Everyone can move on after a break up. There are ways to cope with a break up with your partner.

Here are some easy ways to cope with a break up:

Short break

Change of scene is the best remedy for coping with a break up. Take a short holiday or a weekend trip. The trip will give you new experiences, taking your mind off the break up. Take out your travel bags and visit your favourite place. Post vaccation you will feel energised and can start afresh.

Pursue a new hobby

Keep yourself busy to prevent thoughts about the break up. Adopt a new hobby that will keep your mind occupied. Learn to play a new instrument, enrol for a dance class or do charity work. Make sure to pursue a hobby that interests you and will make you happy. Avoid going to a dance class if you have two left feet as it will make you depressed instead of happy.

Feelings heal with time

Give yourself time to get over the feelings. Don't panic if you feel depressed or low. Take a short break from your daily routine and do the unconventional. Crying over the break for a day or two is ok as you need to vent your feelings. You are only being human! After the sad phase move on to start your life afresh.

Avoid going public about break up

Do not announce your break up on social media. It is the worst mistake you can commit. The relationship and break up is very personal, and you should keep it private. It's important to maintain your dignity. If possible take a break from social media.

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