June 02, 2016 13:03

Heart is connected to something really realistic feelings likely call it God, universe, spirit, gut, higher self, or something other names.  Heart will let you know when something is not right and when you are not in a proper state of mind. It will also speak to you through messages and signs when it is definitely on the right path. There is a battle going on between the rational mind and the sensitive heart. It is very important to tune into what’s going on between the two mind and the heart. for your  well being mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Below are some messages that you should not ignore :

1) Honor your feelings :

Ask yourself a questions and then wait for the answer that pops into your mind This is a sign of heart speaking to you. Observe carefully for physical signs and synchronicity around you. When things are meant to be there is no pressure or blockage. There is a flow of joy coming through heart with a “knowing” and that is impossible to explain. This “knowing” is your heart singing a song of certainty. The issue with this concept is that the mind will analyze and over think what the heart has already set out for you to be true.

2) Follow your authentic truth :

Following the heart provides you with a purpose. Each and everyone  has a unique individual authenticity. When you pursue the dreams and aspirations the world will opens up more according to your favor. Following your heart means pursuing your highest calling of a dream. Passion is your truth. You must trust your heart and mind, will make the decision of what is right for you. When you come from a place of purpose and truth there are little mistakes. We must dare to be ourselves. Once you start living from the truth you will find that there is no need to pretend or care about impressing anyone else.

3) Open your mind to endless possibilities :

Don’t be afraid of confusion. This is the place that the heart and mind will battle over what’s right. Or wrong. Allow yourself the time to sit and think. Life is full of unlimited possibilities and the heart will always entertain these because it brings out the child like qualities in us. In children we do not ask for logic.

4) Be courageous :

Listening to your heart also means finding the courage to go against many obstacles and naysayers around you. Don’t allow fear to dictate your path. Courage is one of the most valuable traits in humanity. When you listen to your yearnings, you will be taken to places that force you to grow and expand in consciousness.


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