Special Measures To Prevent ConjunctivitisHealthy Living

July 31, 2023 16:51
Special Measures To Prevent Conjunctivitis

Eyes are a crucial part of the body organs, which need to be kept healthy. To safeguard your eyes from easily spread conjunctivitis, keep your eyes healthy and do some small exercises. Conjunctivitis is spreading across the country very fast and mainly in children. Parents are worried about the immunity of their children with this fast spread infection.

Telangana is seeing a high spread of infection following the national trend. Conjunctivitis aka Pink Eye is cured on its own and also suggested to visit an Ophthalmologist to avoid further spread of infections and also complications. Only in LV Prasad Eye Hospital, 1000 cases are being registered on a single day.

A very small exercise can be a preventive measure to avoid conjunctivitis. Have a proper diet, do eye exercises like rolling them, relax your eyes and wear glasses all the time to avoid any type of infections and also dust. Also splash some cold water into your eyelids every day morning at least 10 times and blinking your eyes is also a good way to keep your eyes moist.

Symptoms of Conjunctivitis: Thin mucous membrane will be covering the white part of the eye. Eyes will be red or pink in colour. some times people can see inflammation in the eye and also itching.

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