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September 12, 2020 20:37
4 Expert Tips to keep your Kitchen Sanitized, Germ-free

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Staying safe will also include eating hygienic food and that starts from the kitchen. Your kitchen must adhere to the best standards of hygiene.

Health and hygiene define the year 2020. The norm is basically to ensure yourself and the surfaces nearby you to be kept clean. Simple tips like washing hands and wearing masks are being implemented stringently to take care of the health. The risk of spreading germs is even more during the coronavirus pandemic.

Food safety has also particularly come under the lens and best sanitization practices are being implemented. Food safety boils down to the source of food which is the kitchen where the food is prepared, processed, and packaged.

Here are the 5 tips to keep your kitchen sanitized and germ-free:

Gas Stove

The gas stove is one area that is frequently and it is the area that is most prone to germs and bacteria. Experts suggest that cleaning the stove area after every meal with soap or detergent water is necessary to maintain the hygiene of your kitchen and also the food that is being cooked.

Kitchen Slabs

Kitchen counters or slabs are those areas where you cut vegetables, fruits and other ingredients. It is the area where food items are kept before being washed. It is important to keep the slabs spick and span in order to prevent contamination of the surface during the process of food preparation.

The chopping board is also one more surface that is prone to germs and viruses and must be cleaned regularly. To do this, use a mixture of salt and lemon water to clean the surface.

Fruits and vegetables

Not just the surrounding areas but also the food and the ingredients used must be of high quality. To prevent the risk of getting infected, it is advised to clean your vegetables properly before you start the process of cooking.

You can either clean them in fresh salt water or use a vegetable cleanser that removes 99 percent of the germs from the vegetables. Fruits must also be cleaned properly as they are consumed raw and would not undergo any cooking process.

Utensils and storage

After the ingredients and surfaces, it is equally important to clean the utensils that we use to store the food items. Utensils and the storage items must be cleaned thoroughly at least once daily as there is a chance of accumulation of germs in them too.

Also, they must be completely dried before putting your food ingredients in them in order to reduce the chance of items getting spoiled.

By Gayatri Yellayi

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