Here's how you can deal with stress amid the uncertainty during COVID-19Healthy Living

August 13, 2020 18:22
Here's how you can deal with stress amid the uncertainty during COVID-19

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Everyone's life is filled with uncertainty due to the unparalleled pandemic that has taken over the world.

With the coronavirus pandemic taking over everyone's plans, people's minds are now filled with uncertainty and dubiousness be it in jobs or the fear for stepping out of homes with the worry of catching the virus.

Under these circumstances, daily life stress and anxiety has become the most common problem among individuals.

Stress and anxiety has taken a toll on people's health due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People these days are complaining of insomnia too.

Be it due to lack of physical activity or long term plans being collapsed, stress has become a common factor in human lives.

At a time when the young population is busy working extra hours by sacrificing their sleep and taking extra stress to prove their mettle in the workplace, doctors are suggesting people not to do so as it could lead to memory problems.

Here are the 5 effective ways to deal with stress and anxiety as reported by the Los Angeles Times. COVID-19 is here to stay and to keep yourself normal and stress-free follow these 5 tips

Manage your thoughts

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Human beings can manage stress by controlling the way they think. There is no single thought that can stay in a human mind for a longer period of time. So, it is in your hands and it is you who can control what your mind should focus on. This is the primary step for stress management. Divert your thoughts.

Focus on Problem Solving

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Uncertainty, the word itself means nothing is certain. If nothing in this world is certain, even your problems and thoughts are not forever. So, your focus must be on solving the problem instead of dwelling on the thought that only the worst can happen to you. Chalk out a step wise plan to drive out the uncertainty away.

Meditation and other soothing techniques

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The best way to divert negative thoughts is by involving in a physical activity. Now that you might have fear to step out of your house for some physical strain, you can try and practice soul soothing techniques like meditation and breathing exercises. Using online mindfulness classes is yet another useful technique to deal with stress. A healthy body requires a healthy mind and vice versa.

Replace negative self talks with optimism

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Everything in life is temporary and even your problems. Everything it takes to come out of negativity is by talking to yourself in a positive manner. Love yourself and think that this phase too shall pass. Viewing your setbacks as temporary hurdles instantly lifts up your mood.

Think of good times in your life

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Focusing on things you have and being grateful for whatever you have is the first step to eliminate negativity in your life. According to psychology Professor, Barbara from the University of North Carolina, one needs three positive events for one negative event to be on the positive side.

Even if you tried all these techniques vigorously and they did not work out for you, seek a professional's help.

By Gayatri Yellayi

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