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May 16, 2020 14:05
13 Ways To Avoid Motions Sickness- Tips For Instant Treatment

When you start your happy journey and feel motion sickness half the way, you are exhausted in the other half journey. Falling sick while travelling is a risk and it makes your travelling experience bad.

What Is Motion Sickness?

Motion sickness is a health condition that is common for many people during travelling. You may feel that when you travel in car, boat or plane. The motion of the vehicle causes nausea, dizziness, guidiness. It creates a discomfort that makes you feel ill while travelling.

You may not realize that you are prone to motion sickness. Some people learn it after experiencing it repeatedly. If you have realized that you have the motion sickness problem, then you must follow tips to have relief from it to be fit throughout your journey.

How to beat motion sickness?

Not only it creates discomfort health wise but also makes it award to express someone about the motion sickness. So, you must take the tips and follow them before and during your journey.

These are simple tips that you can remember just like your luggage and belongings. Check these tips to avoid motion sickness during your next trip and go happy!

1. Stay away from food odors

The food odors is a major cause that can make you feel nauseous sometimes, especially while travelling.

If you are already stomach full and take in some food odor, then it can create a nauseous feeling.

2. Detox your body

The toxins in your body can male you feel motion sickness. If you have a plan of travelling, detox your body first. Drink plenty of water and let the toxins flush out of your body.

The fresh body is less at risk of motion sickness. Don't drink water just before travelling. Make sure to drink in the early morning if your starting time is in the evening.

3. Get some fresh air

Even after taking the measures, you may feel motion sickness while travelling. Then you must get some fresh air.

You will feel fresh with the breeze. If you are also feeling nauseous, keep your mouth open and take some fresh air. This way producers salita and suppresses the vomiting sensation.

4. Sit in the front seat

If you are prone to feel motion sickness, you must leave the back seats for someone else. The last seats are never for people who suffer with motion sickness.

5. Avoid reading books while travelling

If you are more prone to motion sickness, then you must not carry books while travelling. Reading books can make you feel the extreme emotions which is not a good idea while travelling. You may feel sick and it may lead to motion sickness.

Anyways it is never a good idea to read books when travelling as it strains eyes.

6. Gaze on a point

Did you ever notice the nauseous feeling that you feel watching the moving objects? This is what we do while travelling. So avoid peeping out from a window when you are travelling. When the objects keep moving through your eyes continuously, this can be the cause for motion sickness.

You feel heading spin and nauseous watching out the moving objects. So avoid this and gaze at a single object for a long time to feel better. You can change your sight normally in between.

7. Inhale lemon smell

Lemon has acids which can control nausea instantly. When you inhale lemon, it results in saliva production. This can easily keep your nausea feeling in control. If you are prone to nausea with motions sickness, then lemon is a wonderful remedy for you.

8. Do not overeat- eat light

If you are overeating before your journey, then it will become hard for food to digest. Eat something light on the day of travelling. You feel light and better with light food. And you must totally avoid oily foods.

9. Avoid eating just before starting

You must avoid eating just before travelling. As you are eating just before starting for a journey, it takes time for food to digest.

Undigested food makes you feel uncomfortable while you travel due to the jumps and bumps on the way. You feel stomach upset, nauseous in between the journey. So, avoid eating before travelling. Have your food at least 3 hours prior to travelling. That allows digestion and less risk of motion sickness.

10. Drink cold water

If you are prone to motion sickness that causes nausea, then you must carry a bottle of cold water. Ice water calms your stomach and eases nausea that is caused with motion sickness. Pack a bottle of ice water to have relief from motion sickness during travelling.

11. Take doctor prescribed medicines

As you know, you may fall sick with vehicle motion, you must keep the medicines ready before travelling. Take medicines which are prescribed by doctors for motion sickness. Make sure not to take random medicines. It is never suggested to take the medicine until it is from the doctor's prescription.

12. Put off A/C

Air conditioners are not the cause of motion sickness for all. But when bad odor or contaminated air comes out from the system, then it may put you to a sick feeling. That may instantly make you feel nausea, dizzy and uncomfortable. Then immediately, put off the a/c and open the window for some fresh air. This can ease the motion sickness. It is much better to put off the a/c at first you know this would be the condition for you.

13. First stay healthy for a journey

If you are already feeling unwell, then better postpone your plans. You must always travel when you are fit and healthy. The mild fever and slight nausea feeling increases if you are prone to motion sickness.

The remedies and tips to avoid sickness during travelling are simple. Follow these tips to avoid motion sickness and have a happy journey.

Stay fit, healthy!

By Ramya C

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