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December 08, 2015 18:48
Add  a walk in your daily routine},{Add  a walk in your daily routine

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Walking is the easiest form of exercise to stay fit and healthy. It is ideal for people of all ages. Walking is low impact, requires no equipment, it can be done at any time and everywhere. Unlike some other forms of exercise, walking is free and does not require any special equipment or training. To get the health benefits, start to walk for at least 30 minutes daily.

A 2007 study of inactive women found that even a low level of exercise – around 75 minutes per week – improved their fitness levels significantly, when compared to a non-exercising group.

Benefits of walking:

Walking is also known as weight-bearing exercise because you carry your own weight during walking. It is the best way to maintain your health and live a long life. Some of its benefits include:

Increase cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness
Help in reducing body fat
Walking tones your legs and strengthen muscles
It improves your breathing
Prevent from heart diseases and high blood pressure
Boost your cholesterol
Prevent you from depression and anxiety
Beat breast cancer
Fight diabetes
Reduce risk of miscarriage
Prevent from dementia
Energizes your  body
Best stess buster
Improves flexibility and posture
Promotes intestinal regularity
Helps control appetite
Improves overall fitness

Safety suggestions while walking:

If you start walking exercise, firstly go to your doctor for medical check up particularly if you aged over 40 years.
Choose walks that suits your age and fitness level.
Always wear loose and comfortable clothes while walking
Prefer appropriate footwear to avoid blisters
Wear sunglasses, sunscreen and long sleeves to avoid sunburn
Drink plenty of water and juices  before and after your walk. If you are taking a long walk, take water with you


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