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June 22, 2015 13:48
Ramdan’ fasting for diabetic people},{Ramdan’ fasting for diabetic people

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Muslim's festival Ramdan is the holiest time of the year where the clan will be fasting during daylight hours for a month. This fasting is a way of showing their loyalty to and praise for Allah. Fasting can be well done among normal people but it can prove harmful for those living with diabetes. A long day fasting can risk their blood sugar levels with high dehydration.

Below mentioned are few tips for those diabetics fasting on this holy month.

There is a potential risk of post-meal hyperglycaemia with excessive meal. So instead of taking the whole meal, distribute it to two to three small meals which can be taken during non-fasting intervals.

A doctor's consultation is necessary before going for fast as there is higher health risk for those with type-1-diabetes compared to those with type-2-diabetes.  

Keeping a check on blood sugar level at regular interval is highly recommended.

If possible, assess your medication program before the start of Ramadan and/or your fast. Follow the special diet, incase given by your doctor.

Adding lot of vegetables, fruits, milk and fish in the meal helps maintain the blood sugar level.

Lastly, eating slowly when breaking fast helps avoid indigestion!

- Smrutirekha

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