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November 03, 2014 11:08
Problem not to be neglected},{Problem not to be neglected

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Resons for Breast pain:

Stress levels are also linked to your hormones and fluctuations in hormone levels may be more severe if you are suffering from high levels of stress during menopause.

Tea, coffee, soda, medication and chocolate are five foods and drinks that are known to be a possible reason for breast pain. This is because these food types normally contain caffeine, which causes a dilation of blood vessels which leads to pain and tenderness.

When a woman has just had a child, she will tend to experience breast pain independent of if she chooses to breast feed or not due to the increase in milk. But you should pay special attention if the pain is frequent, intense, or doesn’t improve, because it can indicate possible mastitis.

Menstruation and pregnancy tend to be the most common reasons for breast pain, and it is often a change in cycles that leads to soreness, tenderness or pain. Menopause is characterized by a fluctuation of hormones, and it is the lack of estrogen which results from this which leads to breast pain.

As many women tend to relate breast pain with breast cancer but in general this is not the case. Breast pain is one of symptoms that takes the longest to appear when you are suffering from breast cancer.It is possible that if a women detects any abnormalities in their breasts and treats it on time, they won’t feel any breast pain from cancer.

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